A chance to give back to the game


I’ve been having an incredible time playing battleborn. I dont mind the waits, the community is awesome and the games extremely amazing.
Games now have a tendency to shift heavily towards what art style they employ, (borderlands, battleborn, dishonored even overwatch) so I was wondering if the devs would give me a chance to give back to the game as much as it has given to me. And hence my main point;
Will at any point character models be made available to the community, (I wouldn’t be entirely averse to paying for them, that may just be me) so that we can make our own taunts? There are scores of people here who understand the characters so well, and If given a chance I’m 100% sure we’ll get to see some amazing stuff.
Just an idea I thought could be fun :slight_smile: .
Have fun playing, be nice but above all, be badasses.

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I love mods in games, something like the TF2 Community Workshop would be awesome with custom made skins and taunts. I completely agree with this idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless they are curated, that sounds horrifying.

Mods would be great for the life of the game but my guess is there are no plans for allowing us to do that. There are still DLC packs to be released and more updates to the Cash Shop.