A change for Shields ( galilea, isic, etc etc)

It’s totally broken.

2 fast fixes please

  1. let the shield recharge as the normal shield recharge ( X seconds after not being hit for a few ).
  2. fix the block radius. Must be 90° frontal. now is like 300° Enemies cannot be flanked… you sure re kidding me.

really uncommentable how unskilled players are welcome.

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No one would play tanks if shields got changed, I’m sorry to tell you.

1000 points is not hard to break if you feel like hammering through it. Also, if they’re blocking they’re not doing damage to you so…what’s the worry?

They’re meant to soak damage, so…let them do their role.

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tank does not mean immortal.

also tank has the same dps as assassin, so what’s the point?
who will take shayne instead a galilea?

really tank user spotted.

nb: if galilea AA had the same dmg as isic AA would be fine to me, but she has more damage than an assassin, as the dwarf.

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Sounds like you just have an issue with Gal and not all tanks.

Gal has been double nerfed now, I think she’s fine. She’s not immortal either…learn to use quick melee to push her off you.

I assure you that her shield breaks and breaks often if your team is actually good at aiming and coordinating focus fire.

try a game vs any shield user.

block from more than 90°, which is gamebreaking ( cannot be flanked and hardly backstabbed ).
Not only boldur ultimate.

About recharge, try see how many time needs for a single dps to lower their shield.
We can try just to have data to talk about and see.

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Sooo…kill their teammates?

Seriously I’m not seeing an issue with anyone with a shield in PvP. If you’re focusing the tank while there’s far more viable and squishier targets in the area you’re doing it wrong anyway.

And again, if they’re blocking with their shield, they’re not doing any damage to your team. How is that an issue? It WILL break eventually.

I swear, people will complain about anything. This character does too much damage, this character doesn’t take enough damage, blah blah blah.

Thorn’s penetrating arrows and blight totally ignore shields, for one. Passes right through them. Same for a number of other abilities.

Stuns pass right through shields. Crowd control effects pass right through them - Alani’s geyser bubble makes short work of a slow-moving tank with their shield up.


assassin: very high damage and squishy
Tank: very high damage and tanky

if you don’t see any difference you are probably a tank user.

I don’t play any tanks at all really. I play Kleese, Rath and El Dragon.

No issues with tanks. Only tank that does “high damage” is Gal. No else really stands out that much.

Try a game AS a shield user then complain.

Guys is simple.

An assassin is squishy and is a DD.
A tank is not squishy and is not a DD.

Also, shield block is not worth it ( more than 90° ).

what are we talking about?
pretend a tank to be dps as an assassin?
We are done talking.

That’s the spirit lad, take that ball and go home!

On a serious note, people have already laid out why it’s not an issue. Shields do not stop CC affects on the tank. A tank can’t use their “assassin dps” if they’re blocking either.

And again, the only tank who reaches that high of damage potential is Gal who can still be shut down.


if i use my shield i cant do dps?
dude, you have claimed “if i block i can’t be an assassin, but i can if i don’t”.

really, uncommentable.

Yeah, you’re right man, tanks are out of control.

Must be why I see so many Boldurs, Gals(post nerf) and ISIC(post nerf) in games these days…

…oh wait…I don’t.

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Every premade has a tank dude.
If you dont see many on pug i agree ( except gal ), but is not to be or not to be right.

u stated it.
while blocking i can’t do the same dps, which is fine for me ( because u can chose between dmg and block, and an assassin can’t ).

100% agree. The hitbox doesn’t reflect what the shield takes up in the game world. It’s annoying when you can’t tell where the opening actually is.

On the hitbox i think we all full agree, at least.

So you’re saying that…having a balanced team comp(tank, healer, dps) in a game with “archetypes” is breaking premade play…? I’m sorry what…?

Have you not played a MOBA before or something?

Like how you’re complaining about something you know nothing about?
If you’re not shooting the shield visually (bullets hitting the player) but the shield is blocking the damage that’s a collision bug. GB fixed map collision bugs why not character collision bugs.

Have you? Name one game that a shield is what defines a tank. A tank should be able to take damage but becoming immune to damage up to a point isn’t what a tank is for. Then name a game where the hitbox and visuals are INTENTIONALLY misleading. Include a source too as proof.