A Christmas wish for a Christmas event, because...Christmas

Knowing it’s highly unlikely, due to the amount of work that probably would be involved, I’d still like to posit this idea for something to take place over the holiday season.

In addition to Odjurymir reappearing, they could have enemies like the Darksiders spawn some of the as-yet unassigned unique weapons like the Heartbreaker, The Machine and the Lady Fist. Even throw in the Bullpup.

It’s unlikely to happen, but it is nice to imagine it might.


probably will.

Ayy i mean there’s a lot of work involved with pushing actual update content outside of shift events, I wouldn’t get too excited, but if bothering @Jeffybug has brought about anything it’s that these guys still support this awesome community, in some way, especially around holiday times.

(I’m well aware bugging Jeff [see what I did there :3] probably has no direct impact on events, but he usually has funny hints on whether or not they have fun things planned)

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its not an update, its a hotfix. FAR easier to do. They’re already in the game files, all they have to do is send a small file saying to use them.

Great idea i would love to see this.

Yes!!! If nothing else, at least Odjurymir like you said. That can’t be that difficult to do again.

We’ve got some Mercenary Day goodies going out tomorrow!

Checking with the team to see if they can do anything about Odjurymir.


You are too kind to us Jeffybug. Thanks for serving us this information.

That’s cool. Thanks for having a look into it.

Codes for snowman heads please. :smile:

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I’m assuming the goodies tomorrow are those and Ol’ Painful.


and do we get the avalachue shield as well?

Working out some final changes with the team this afternoon. :wink:

It’s delayed the release a bit, but keep an eye out for an announcement later today !


thanks for update better than other gaming companies and at least you (gearbox) has made a effort

Odjurymir is back! Happy Mercenary Day 2015!


Will he also drop the avalance shield like he did last Christmas?

some people have been getting Hails and avalanches


He should be back in the same form as last year

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Awesome stuff, thanks!!!

Hmmm I just got a cryo Hail and a fire Ol Painful in the same drop. Interesting, trying to get an Avalanche to drop though just for fun.