A Co-op talent tree

Playing co-op is a blast already but what if I told you I had an idea that could make it a Super-Ultra-Mega-Deluxe-Blast?!?!

Here it is:

A Co-op talent tree that could give buffs to you AND your partner(s). You could earn these buffs by investing Co-op Points that you could get from something like co-op challenges, killing stuff, or just being the BADASSES that you are. These trees could split off into different areas and make you both work together to get what you both want, so you might need to put two points into one talent or one point into two talents for example. They could have passives that differ depending on what vault hunters you are playing, for example: Moze and Fl4k could get action skill duration and cooldown rate. There could even be Kill Skills if you kill two or three or guys within a certain time you get a short time movement speed bonus and/or gun dmg or something like that. If there was three to four players there could be some more advanced version of that where it splits off into three or four parts with even buffer buffs.

So that is the idea that could turn the blast that is co-op into the “Super-Ultra-Mega-Deluxe-Blast”. Please do tell me what you think and you are welcome to share your ideas.

Good Vaulting.

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Very interesting