A Co-op vs AI mode?

I’m sure this type of topic has been brought up before but,

Do you guys think we will ever get a mode that works like that? I’m not talking about the private matches, but a mode that allows for matchmaking against the AI, and also has the challenges enabled?

It would help the community quite a bit by not funneling everyone into the Public pvp matches. Plus with challenges and lore stuff enabled, it allows for people who think they are confident enough to jump into the real match not feel so far behind. I mean, I feel the private matches are kind of empty, even if used for practice.

Not sure if Gearbox has talked about something like this, just tossing in my two cents.


the horde mode that people want be like that

If you have a party set up, can you select private versus? I know you can do solo PvE for both story and raids, haven’t had a chance to try partying-up first though.

I’m sure you can. But without the challenges enabled, it would be pointless to do.

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Paragon has a co-op vs AI mode. It lets us casuals be able to take part in the PvP modes without getting stomped on by the serious hardcore teams.

Obviously playing co-op vs AI wouldn’t provide any boost to your hidden elo score or impact any ranked stats at all. However, it would be nice if it provides experience (maybe at a reduced rate) and advance challenges.

Those of us who don’t play in teams and can’t carry a team of solos in regular PvP matches would like to able to actually get a few wins now and then and get something for it.

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Good point. It’s worth doing just to see the maps and get a feel for what a mode is about, but it has no real value beyond that without, as you say, at least some benefit.