A collection of the funniest posts on the forums

Hi guys and gals, lads and lasses, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and all those inbetween.

So many times when browsing through these forums a post has made me genuinely laugh, but my memory sucks and I always forget them and never come across the post again.

I am hoping this thread becomes a shrine to posts that have made people laugh, that I can easily click on to look back at some great posts.

Please feel free to quote the full post or just your fave line etc, no rules just post what amused you :slight_smile:

I will start us off and give the honour of the first post to @paulothead for this line, that made me lol.

Don’t be afraid of posting your own if they made you guffaw as they came to mind, I must admit I laughed to myself when this one flopped outta my mind.

So a quick call to arms to some of the regular posters to hopefully kick start what could be a laughter packed fun thread.

@Jefe, @Hattie, @Artemis_Cai @Piemanlee @Tracer, @Arsonist, @billthebetta, @VaultHunter101, @TemetNosce

I can only @ 10 people so if the next poster wants to call out to any of our regular posters to join the fun please do so :slight_smile:


I can think of @MidnightNova and @Curmudge0n @Kurtdawg13 right off the top of my head.

I remember this post by @Hattie made me laugh out loud.


I remember that too!



That’s a good one Artemis, see this is what I was hoping for, I have only been on the forums for 2 months or so. I know there is tons of laughs in old posts I would never see without something like this thanks! Popped hattie a well deserved like for her noodle tongs to go with her noodle brain.

Here’s one of @Curmudge0n 's many memes I just stumbled on.

I am hoping that anytime someone found a post amusing in a thread from now on it becomes kind of 2nd nature to post it here in the archive for posterity :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking part Art and Tracer!


This one from Voldethread was so good I bookmarked it


Nice one Jefe :slight_smile:

I actually have one of your own that amused me recently.

In response to the question would superman break an adamantium wall.

Thanks for taking part mate.


Haha nice one gulf. short and sweet. :slight_smile:

Not nescessarily funny in itself, but I must admit I did giggle for a moment when I was trying to decide if @Kitty_Jo was an extrovert or a stalker. I love short statements that can mean 2 things both direct opposites in the same sentence :slight_smile:

Thanks @Gulfwulf and Kitty :slight_smile:


10/10 for quoting your own post on here :laughing:


Says the little lady, that never left a quote at all!!! Shame on you miss Hariet :slight_smile:

So in the honour of self aggrandisation (and because I don’t have one of you guys posts quickly to hand) I shall add some much needed cuteness to the thread.

My thoughts on how the bears see hug a bear day.

And this one just wrote itself with that topic name,

Thanks for taking part @Hattie, don’t be afraid of throwing out some of your own you were secretly proud of. your funny enough that we will happily take them! do better next time :rofl:

EDIT went and grabbed a quick quote from @Tracer that made me smile so it’s not just my posts lol.

Kids and their weird nick names for people.


Hey, nobody else was going to. :dukejk:


Very well, I shall excavate… here’s an @Adabiviak /@Arsonist exchange that stayed with me:


Much better hattie, now go ahead and take your gold star, I know you want to :star:

Thanks so much for this post gulf you saved me looking off thread for this posts, post that made me laugh.

It’s not the line itself I am laughing at so much, its the fact that because I am quoting it, it means your a damn right dirty liar liar pants on fire, thats making me smile :slight_smile:


Just waking up. I’m glad someone brought one of the funniest of us all, in my opinion. @Arsonist you hilarious sumbitch! This is basically a thread of the vets/long time members I’ve grown fond of.
Happy Friday mother ■■■■■■■! :grin:



My only regret is that I have such a ■■■■ memory. I know so many others make me laugh… much much more than I am amused by my own antics… but unless its stuff going on in peoples actual lives or has something to do with game stats I forget about in like a week tops >.-


I just woke up and all of you are funny in your own special way.

Even though, I’m still learning how to understand sarcasm.


I like funny stuff too. :grin:


That’s me entirely Ars, I forget the crap i posted myself in less than a week never mind where I saw others I liked. That’s the exact reason I made this thread. Seriously use this place like your own bookmarks. If something caught your funny bone slam it here, so you can get hit with a wave of fun nostalgia when you read back over it down the line :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link Kurt, I visited your thread a couple of times myself, fun stuff :slight_smile:

And surprisingly I actually got a couple of hours sleep at last, so my posts might not have that edge of delirium your used to from me lol.

It’s your sweet naivety, that gives us gold like this though Kat :joy:

Thanks again for joining in guys and gals.


Yeah, some of Arsonist’s rantings are pretty damn funny, but lots of things make me laugh here, I just don’t remember specifics.