A community reward for Gearbox

Dear Gearbox, by the power bestowed on me by nobody, I’d like to reward you a Golden Todd Howard and the Bethesda Order for your chronic ineptitude. Congratulations, wear it with pride (and accomplishment)


Careful, you may be granted with a forum vacation for comments like this.

I’d like to give the rank and file Dev’s some slack on this game. I think they’re being forced to put out stuff and implement decisions that are not in their control.


I don’t particularly care, I created the account with sole purpose of posting this. Thanks for the warning though

Of course blaming the actual devs would be stupid, I’m aiming to ridicule the studio itself for not being able to get their s**t together.


I just don’t think they play test these adjustments and patches before release. There’s no way the devs we’re playing this anywhere close to M10 and thought that this feels right. Even some of the best players are taking about an hour to slog through the takedown.


Really makes one chuckle about all the keyboard warriors here last week with their pitchforks and Tiki torches like, “What do we want? Takedown! When do we want it? NOW!”

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Fast forward a week, the patch still came out broken. We (the keyboard warriors, apparently) didn’t make the schedule for Gearbox to follow. If they went to twitter or forums days ago (or days before any of the recent Bethesda-like patches) and said “right, guys, listen, here’s the thing. That new update we promised? It’s a mess right now. We’ll need another month to sort it out, sorry”, people would take that much, much more kindly and I wouldn’t have a reason for snarky posts.


True. But I did laugh at your post, so thank you for at least putting a smile on my face at the end of a long day at work. :laughing:

I have yet to actually try the event but now I figure I’ll just log on to throw away my M9 and lower gear and then go back to playing Division 2.


My pleasure, that’s the effect I was shooting for

Ok…GBX may have messed up the balance a little…but they will NEVER EVER be as bad as Bethesda…

At least they’re trying to patch, and not sucking us dry with micro-transactions, giving us broken, glitchy gameplay and sh**

Til this day I’m still grieving over the death of Fallout… :cry: