A complaint from an AZERTY keyboard user regarding the helix

(I apologize if this is badly placed, I didn’t find any feedback or else subforum)

We french people use AZERTY keyboards, which means our keys to move around are zqsd and not wasd, and since the keys to choose helix are by default Q, E and F, whenever we (azerty users) need to move while choosing an helix quickly, we often end up taking the left one because Q is the left key…
And since in this game we can’t change, it can sometimes screw the match a lot. (unless if we intended to pick the left one, luckily)

Sadly we can’t change the “helix right - left - middle” key configurations.
Can anything be done for this ?

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Yeah it’s very annoying.
The only way around I can think of is, rather than remapping to our french ZQSD, is switching the keyboard settings around on windows, you know, with the Alt Shift trick. I very very often have to do it anyway, either to use my professional softwares more comfortably, or for certain games that do not have remapping at all ( Telltales, I’m LOOKING AT YOU ).
This way, your keyboard will behave the same as an US international keyboard.

I’ll hazard the guess that you know that already and know how to do it, but don’t hesitate to leave me a PM if you don’t :slight_smile: ( and you can even do it in French )

Could always use an American keyboard for playing the American games with the QWERTY default?

Puting my keyboard on qwerty is very annoying when you spend time writing…
also :

whaaaat ?

Fair enough. Since I am American I am unfamiliar with the French keyboards and did not know if the plug in ports were the same or not. Or if you could just use a usb port. Just trying to be helpful if I can!

No but, honestly, I have no idea what you were talking about…
And if even if I understood right, why would I buy another keyboard…?
The helix keys should be changeable.

I agree the option should be there like with most games.

Well there’s only really Apple that make their own ports :wink: all keyboards can plug all the same in all PCs.

However one won’t change one’s keyboard based on the game one is going to play, especially when they weren’t willing to just Alt Shift to switch region settings to begin with. I guess people already using an american keyboard may not know about this feature, but you can actually in Windows have a shortcut to switch around your keyboard region settings, so that while we have a Z where you have W, hitting Z will still register W. Not sure I’m making sense, but yeah, we can switch around.

What’s more american keyboard hardly have enough characters, you don’t have all our accents like é è à ù ç :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, it’s surprising indeed we can’t change those Helix attribution settings. I confess I always stop and click but that’s not “optimal”. And I got that stop-n-click because I mis-chose my Helix more than once because of Q…

Fair enough :stuck_out_tongue: I’m very accustomed to writing using a region-switched french to US keyboard myself, so it’s hardly an issue for me !

I was not aware that you could do that! (Quick change regions) thank you for that information.

I’m sick of losing the M and the ,?.() and other " and ’ (and i’m not even talking about the éèàêù etc…)
Otherwise I could use qwerty but it’s bothering

Just a heads-up to the devs:
This has only been half-fixed.

Pressing A now correctly allow point to the left side of the Helix.
But Pressing Q still does it too (It shouldn’t, Q is left strafe on AZERTY)

I wonder why they decided to assign these options straight to these keys, not to use skills keys that are in game settings…

Yeah, I’ve noticed that certain keymappings are inconsistent and are not swapped in the menus.

Another example is the taunt keybind - in the character selection screen it will remain as the default no matter what you rebind it to (even though the taunt activation works correctly in-game).

Rather obnoxious, but tbh a common thing overlooked by many, MANY PC ports… =.=