A Complete Newcomer's Feedback on the Open Beta

Three days ago, had anyone told me that not only I’d get Battleborn but I’d also pay top dollar for the preorder, season pass, and all the extras, I’d have given them a look as if they had a mushroom head. I prefer solo games by a large margin and I don’t like having to play a game as if it is a job, to simply keep up with the crowd.

Learning about the open beta, I told myself “I just changed provider three months ago and got lightning-fast connection, let me give this a try.” Well, I haven’t had such a good time with a game in a long while! Picked Thorn based on looks and logged for a PvE to see what is going on. . . .

Two days later, in agony over the long wait until May 3, here is my humble impression.

  1. I love, no, adore the NSA feel of this fame. NSA stands for “no strings attached.” This game, after unlocking the helices and the higher rank characters does not demand constant grind to keep up. The difference between a 5000-hour player and a 300-hour player will be the acquired gameplay skills and knowledge, as opposed to gamebreaking passive bonuses that plague other games. Thus, even after an absence, a player can catch up and still be on par in PvP.

  2. Instanced loot for all: the best possible idea, encouraging team play and no waste of time arguing over loot. If they had implemented that in Borderlands, the game would have reached more of its potential.

  3. Based on my limited experience with loot, it appears that it adds more flavor to the game without being the all-determining factor. A good player who does not activate their gear can still beat well-geared beginner.

  4. I enjoyed the absence of a lobby and the automatic exit after a match. Compared to other games, it was a relief to 1) have the team auto arranged in a short time (I had no issues in that department) and 2) not having to worry what my best behavior should be after the match. Receiving that automatic “time out” for a few minutes to review stats/gear/character setup without having to worry about making others wait because of me, made the experience pleasant and enjoyable.

  5. Most of my PvP runs were in the Incursion mode, having to learn on the fly. I had a blast! I may be wrong, but I have been having the feeling that the idea behind this game is to have a fun PvP game and not to make it an e-sport of the kind of those made by Blizzard, where the gap between players becomes so huge that it is not even fun.

Keep the good work!