A complete rework for El Dragon, by yours truly

Lets face it guys, El Dragon is extremely difficult to use. He can barely perform on par with other characters even when he’s being used by someone who is a true post-nerf master of him.

Gearbox clearly didn’t like what he did before (which was team-wipe on a regular basis), so how about he does something different? A complete and total rework, to the point where the only recognizable thing about him from the original El Dragon is his character model and voice actor.

I give you, El Dragon the Assassin Tank. He’s a professional body guard, so why doesn’t he act like one? But then again, he’s a retired professional wrestler…

El Dragon the LLC Defender, Tank Versatile Advanced

Stats and basics:

Health: 1875 - 2343

Professional Bodyguard: Enemies that damage El Dragon’s allies take 20% increased damage from El Dragon’s skills and attacks.

Majestic Robot Arms: El Dragon’s primary attack is a flurry of blows. Activating his off-hand melee while sprinting executes a dropkick.

Deft Deflection: El Dragon’s secondary attack blocks up to 1000 damage and deflects projectiles.

Skill 1
Luchador Grapple: El Dragon grabs an enemy in melee range for 234 damage, stunning them for 2 seconds and locking El Dragon in place. El Dragon can still attack while Grappling.

Skill 2
Triumphant Uppercut: El Dragon uppercuts and enemy in melee range for 374 damage, knocking them into the air.

Title Fight: El Dragon summons a massive holographic wrestle ring for 8 seconds. El Dragon and all enemy Battleborn caught inside the ring cannot leave, and enemy Battleborn cannot enter. El Dragon does not take damage from attacks that came from enemies outside of Title Fight.


Left helix tree: Hired Bodyguard.
Right helix tree: Profesional Wrestler.

Level 1
Defensive Grab: Stunning an enemy with Grapple reduces damage taken by 30% for 5 seconds.

(Middle) Invigorating Grab: A portion of the damage dealt to enemies stunned by Grapple is returned to you as health. +30% Lifesteal vs Stunned targets for 2 Seconds.

Jawbreaker: A critical hit with Triumphant Uppercut Silences enemies.

Level 2
Disorienting Flight: Enemies hit by Triumphant Uppercut deal 15% less damage for 5 seconds.

Devastating Uppercut: Increases Triumphant Uppercut’s damage. +20% damage.

Level 3
Improved ARM-or: El Dragon can move at full speed while blocking.

Thunderous Fists: El Dragon’s melee attacks also have a small AoE. +15% damage spread and range.

Level 4
Extended Grab: Increases the duration of Grapple’s effects. +1 second.

Violent Throw: Activating Grapple again after stunning an enemy knocks them back significantly and ends the Grapple.

Level 5
Cybernetic Enhancements: El Dragon takes reduced damage after Professional Bodyguard triggers. +30% damage reduction.

(Middle) Rapid Protection: Boosts El Dragon’s movement speed by 30% after damaging an enemy affected by Professional Bodyguard.

Vengeful Protector: Increases Professional Bodyguard’s bonuses by 10%.

Level 6
Healing Uppercut: All health damage dealt by Triumphant Uppercut is returned to El Dragon as health. +100% Lifesteal.

(Middle)Flashy Combo Increases attack speed by 20% for 3 seconds after knocking an enemy into the air with Uppercut.

Chokeholder: Enemies Stunned by Grapple are also Silenced for 2 seconds after coming out of the Stun.

Level 7
Flying Fists: Reduces Triumphant Uppercut’s cooldown by 20%.

Honey, I Broke the Game: For 0.5 seconds after knocking an enemy into the air with Triumphant Uppercut, El Dragon’s primary attacks knock enemies into the air.

Level 8
Just Here for the Paycheck: Gain +2.8 health regen per enemy affected by Professional Bodyguard.

(Middle)Aided Escape: After damaging an enemy, all allies that enemy damages get a +30% movement speed boost.

Out of Retirement: Gain +4% attack speed for each enemy affected by Professional Bodyguard.

Level 9
Mucha Lucha: Reduces Grapple’s cooldown by 20%.

Grappling Stance: Hitting enemies with Grapple also makes them take 16% more damage.

Level 10
Throw in the Towel: Allows El Dragon to leave Title Fight after he has deployed it. This does not end the skill.

(middle) Rigged Match: All enemies caught within Title Fight when it is activated are slowed for 2 seconds.

In it to Win it: Increases El Dragon’s attack damage while Title Fight is active. +20% attack damage.

Let me know what you guys think. Does bodyguard El Dragón sound more balanced than team-wipe El Dragón? Or is he just as broken?


Let me start by saying that this is a brilliant write-up! You’ve put a lot of thought and work into this, it seems, well done! However…

Blocks 1,000 damage AND reflects projectiles?! Ouch :open_mouth:

Geez, and that’s not even his ult :open_mouth: What would be the cooldown? I’d expect a long one for those stats, plus a narrow hitbox and possibly a windup time, like Deande’s Burst Dash.

I’m not familiar with El Dragon’s current helix tree, but unless I’m mistaken this would make him the only character with two potential buffs to his passive? Most characters get an augment to their passive at level 5, as in this write-up, and as it is I’m skeptical about this one (as I was about his current one, and look how that turned out) being too strong, but TWO augments?! On paper, level 8 new El Dragon would be as strong, if not stronger, than level 9 Kid Ultra or level 10 Orendi, but with a much better early game.

Potential +30% damage, with that already insanely powerful uppercut, and up to +16% attack speed, which would be devastating with his grapple and ult. I can see this being even more powerful than the El Dragon of old, at least in theory.


For him having two passive buffs, I just straight up couldn’t think of any useful bonuses that encourage his “gank enemies that are attacking my allies” playstyle.

The other option was buffing his dropkick. I design games for ■■■■■ and giggles, so I really hate having levels or perks that just feel like you gaining nothing or being a wasted pick.

His main goal is to punish enemies for attacking his allies. So jumping in front of his ally to bounce a Bindleblast back at Marquis sounds a-ok to me. Maybe he needs less health to compensate.

Yes, very long. Probably 27-28 seconds. And yes, very small hit box. Think of Attikus’ Charged Hook.[quote=“Slif_One, post:2, topic:1551729”]
Potential +30% damage, with that already insanely powerful uppercut, and up to +16% attack speed, which would be devastating with his grapple and ult.

Only during ganks, where he is very likely to succeed anyway. He doesn’t perform very well on his own, expect on the occasional 1v1. New Dragon needs lots of team support, and he provides plenty in return.

Me too, but he has less DPS and is still pretty risky. His stun is very high risk, and single target to boot. He stuns one target, but will very likely take a huge amount of damage as punishment.

Most of his buffs are very conditional, and require him to target specific opponents (enemies who are attacking his allies).

His ult is also extremely high risk until level 10. It requires him to fight an opponent while completely shutting off his escape (and theirs). He also can no longer benefit from his passive while in his ult, since the targets he traps have trouble damaging his allies.

This is a very good plan. I just feel he’d be way too strong. 534 makes it nearly double the strongest level one skill in the game. But overall, while a good idea, this simply isn’t El Dragõn. It’s too drastic. A DLC character would benefit more, but I don’t want a completely different Dragõn


I nerfed El Dragon :cry:

Uppercut does 374 now

But yeah, a new character would make more sense than a rework… or just a buff or something. Current El Dragon reminds me of launch Whiskey and Toby… and launch Attikus w/o survival gear

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I personally think they just hit his numbers way to far after removing the stun which was the biggest problem.

They hit his:

auto attack
d splash damage
En fuego base damage
his attack timer
En fuego d splash damage
Clap damage (I believe in the end they hotfixed some back on)

The thing was they didn’t even slightly tune the damage they ripped significant portions off of it. Especially in D splashes case where previously you could hit like 700 with it.

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They hotfixed the patch the day it went out and put it back to normal. So it’s not different

This sounds like a new character to be honest, but I LOVE it, I just was dragon to be back but without OP clap


Like the lore COULD fit him being a bodyguard for the hemsworths, but he is really in it to have his former glory back

I like it :slight_smile: what ever makes him look like lucha mexicana instead of w.e he do right now.

Change lvl8 to affect dropkick.

1 dropkick push back (to save an Ally)
2 his mutation animation but with higher dps
3 dmg amp 16% for everyone. it could be comboed with: Grappling Stance: Hitting enemies with Grapple also makes them take 16% more damage. A beautiful 32% if reyna or ambra helps… omg!

Question: so if his ult force the enemy to stay in one área… That means ally orendi can throw 2 pillars and 1 ult?

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Uh, not really. He’s a luchador, not a glorified servant. He’s just glorified. I can’t imagine this being in character

I’m just saying it could as he was a bodyguard for a WHILE

While that is true, that was right after his arms. Only being super in debt made him do that. If we went back in time this could be a thing. But now that only one Hemsworth is alive and no one else would give him solid enough pay… unlikely

Pheobe is the only one alive? I didnt know that, yeah I also imagine dragon acted as he used to when he was a bodyguard to keep his fame

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I wonder if he can participate in lucha libre if he has robot enhancments, i mean isnt that cheating? If not his second job would be bodyguard, also didnt kleese build his arms? @jythri some lore pointers plz

Kleese built the arms

Nope, as soon as the arms were ripped out he was instantly retired, whether he liked it or not (the latter).
Kleese did build his arms

Well now he is a glorified servant… The llc dosent pay me to lose

I really like this idea but… It just isn’t El Dragón. Would work AMAZINGLY for as new character, but as someone who played a lot of him pre-nerf, I preferred him being the high DPS, high mobility glass cannon he used to be.

He was balanced pre-nerf, he just needed a small nerf to his Clap AoE, maybe removing its ability to score crits.