A comprehensive active players thread for the Xbone

@Tokesy97 started one of these threads for the 360 to try and make it easier for people to find people to game with. without there being a bunch of “looking for people threads” A comprehensive active players thread for Xbox 360 . I poked around a bit but didn’t see one for the Xbone so I figured I’d start one.

Gt: LeeFromThe253
Mic: yes
Level(s): all toons 70/OP8 -Gaige
Willing to start from scratch: yes
Age: 29
Time zone: GMT-8

Edit: (7/23/17) New Gamertag.


there was a couple like it, but quit looking for them after getting to august last year. they would be way out of date anyway.

Gt: LunaticOne
Mic: yes
Play both BL 2 and TPS
Level(s): have all toons both games ranging from level 1 to the highest in each games
Willing to start from scratch: yes
Age: 56
Time zone: US EST (GMT-5)
Availability- I’m on every night 9pm to a little after midnight


Awesome thanks man, im a noob looking for someone to kind of guide me this will help a lot.

Gt: Kurtdawg13
Mic: yes
Level(s): BL2: OP8(all Characters) TPS: 70(all Characters except Willy)
Willing to start from scratch: yes
Age: 39
Time zone: PST(Pacific Standard Time) UTC -8
Availability - catch me if you can. lol I’m off and on. I have a 4 year old running around at most times. just msg me and I’ll try to accommodate.
Edit: Do not ask me to dupe my backpack. :innocent:

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Gt: barbrouge391
Mic: Yes
Level(s): BL2: OP8 (Axton, Sal, Maya, Krieg, Gaige, Zer0) TPS 70 (Nisha, Athena, Jack, Aurelia, Claptrap, Wilhelm)
Willing to start from scratch: Can do but work travel commitments/ internet connection can interfere on co-op progress
Time Zone: UK-GMT (Normally) varies due to work commitments.
Availability- Same as @Kurtdawg13 willing to help when I can.

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Mic: yes but kinda echos until i get a new one March 14th
Levels: Fresh but experienced just got to xbox one though
Willing to start from scratch: Yes but work ma interfere
Time zone: EST
Availability: Whenever i am available no solid times though other then on Sundays.

GT: Flattertrain7
Mic: yes
Main: Gunzerker OP8
Age: 23
Timezone: GMT+8
Happy to help out with story lines on any play through, any DLC, any bosses and trading gear.

Gt getmused
I have 2 op 8 characters (axton sal)

Stopped playing, it’s been almost two years. Going through with maya I’m level 25 and I have a mic. None of my friends play anymore. Got really tired of titanfall so decided to run through bl2.

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GT: Waldotheanimal
Mic: yes
Level(s): BL2: maya 45,
willing to start from scratch: yes
age: 22
timezone: Central standard
Availability: sporadic due to school and work

Added note, currently just power farming to UHVM, boosting offers are accepted but i plan on doing free boosts once i get my 2nd op8 (it will take a few weeks)

GT: FireDragon2289
mic: yes
Level: 15
willing to start from scratch: yes
age: 28
availability: nearly all the time

i just restarted on the xbox1 would love some help leveling

GT: owenjsidge
mic: yes
Level: 72 OP2
willing to start from scratch: yes
age: 35
UK Based
availability: nearly all the time and always up for anything needed.

GT: RyodoNiikura666
Mic: No
Character: Siren level 65
Availability:Pretty much anywhere between 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM unless I sleep in

GT: Vinterbris
Mic: Yes but i’m fine with not speaking if that’s what you prefer
Character: Siren 72, Gunzerker 72, Mechromancer 72, Psycho 64, Assassin 50, Commando 38
Varies, better to arrange based on when you want to play. I’m pretty flexible.

Mic: Yes
Levels: BL2- All toons at op8, TPS- Everyone at max level have not started Baroness yet.
Willing to start from scratch: Yes, especially TPS so I can start on Aurelia
Age: 26
Time zone: US EST (GMT-5)
Availability: Mon- Fri 8pm.-12am., Weekends- Anytime. Just message me willing to help with whatever.

GT: Tinorioakck01
Mic: Yes, but there may be times when I can’t use it
Levels: Sal, Krieg and Zero at OP8. Gaige currently sitting at OP4
Willing to start from scratch: yes
Age: 25
Time Zone: UK (GMT)
Availability: Mostly weekends and either morning or late evening on working days, depends on my shift on that particular week

Gt: LunaticClient75
Age: 41
Characters: Krieg (op 1), Maya 61
Mic: not atm
Start from scratch: sure
Time zone: EDT

Gt: v2good Attila
Mic: yes
Level(s): level 27 Krieg BL2, level 70 Jack TPS.
Willing to start from scratch: yes
Age: 24
Time zone: CST

I know I only have those two listed, it’s because I’m doing duo runs with a friend of mine and don’t want those guys listed. I’m absolutely down to start over or farm really anything.

I used to play on the ps3 and has a lot more variety character-wise but now I’m on XBone :neutral_face:

Gt: dArKestSoul1295
Mic: yes
Characters: Lvl 72 OP8 gaige, Lvl24 Zer0, Lvl 8 axton, Lvl 8 Sal, Lvl 8 krieg-BL2 TPS= no characters as of yet
Willing to start from scratch: yes

Just looking for some people to play this badass of a game with. was a day one player on the 360 but it took me a while to get THC so I don’t have every character maxed. I’m totally ok with starting from scratch with the low levels I’ve got now. also have a siren but thats for another run with a friend. I’m on fairly often fell free to add me. (also i don’t do OP 8 boosts, if you want to run Digi Peak with me thats totally fine but I don’t do boosts sry).

Mic: yes
Characters: want to start a fresh mecromancer - never ran her back in the day
Experience: had 4 level 72 characters on the Xbox 360 and wanna get back into this game on the Xbox one

I’m looking for fellow vault hunters to embark on a journey with me through the land that is Borderlands 2. I have all the DLCs too so that could be in cards.

Msg me on Xbox live if you’re interested!!!

Gt: mS Xero
Mic: Yes
Characters: BL2- Op8 (Gaige and Maya) 60-72 (Zero, Salvador, Gaige) 50-60 (axton and gaige) <50 (Various)
Characters: TPS 70 (Jack and Nisha) 60 (Nisha) <60 (Various)
Always down to farm, raid, do missions etc. Feel free to add me and hit me up when Im online. I am located in Oregon, USA. I have no set times I usually play as work often does get the majority of my time but I can be found online around 8-1am most nights.