A comprehensive active players thread for the Xbone

GT: AnInfamousDerka
Mic: Yes
Level: Highest is a 40 commando at the moment, none of my characters from the 360 carried over except for a level 16, so I had to start over.
Willing to start from scratch: Yes, however, my schedule is random at best, so I don’t know how often I will be online.
Time zone: EDT
I’m fine with playing either the Pre Sequel or 2, but I never got around to playing through the Pre Sequel before, so I don’t know anything about it beyond the first hour or 2.

Ill be on for the next few hours, hit me up if you want to play! Info is above.

Gt: Cris PSG1
Mic: yes
Level(s): Zer0 Lv OP0; Maya Lv 37 (and climbing)
Willing to start from scratch: yes
Age: 48
Time zone: US Central

Gt. gra5er1
Mic. yep
Char. all at op8
Age. 27
Region. Uk time zone normaly 6.30 untill the wife wants me haha

Willing to do anythink normaly find me doing op8 runs for a laugh hit me up

gt is username

one toon level 12-18
mic yes and I talk
age…ugh… old
Time zone east coast US

just got back into it, very experienced player but was on the 360 back in the day.

GT: JayQC80
Mic: Yes
Characters: BL2 Maya, Op 8, (Gaige, Axton, Maya), lv. 72
TPS: Nisha, lv. 70
Willing to start from scratch: Yes
Time Zone: EST(Eastern Standard Time) UTS -5
Availability: I’m usually on during the evenings 8-11pm EST

I’m just looking for some people to relax and enjoy this game with. Although I’d like to do some OP8 games, I don’t mind starting from scratch. I’m usually on in the evenings during the week, I’d prefer a message in advance before getting a game going (I might have something planned).

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