A comprehensive active players thread for Xbox 360

I’ve been on these new forums since they first were announced and in that time I have seen a disctinct lack of players compared to the old forums.

Now with the release of the ‘Handsome Collection’ it feels as though the Xbox 360 section (only place I visit so I can’t say anything for PS3) has been abandoned.

Now I have gotten the main question I had out in the open, and I apologise if this is a duplicate of any thread that I may have missed or is something that people seem to have done a lot, but if there is any Regular players on Xbox 360 who would play online maybe we could create a single comprehensive thread of players instead of everyone creating multiple online threads?

I know I created one before and trying to update it has gained no replies so if there is any players who will play and want to partake in this maybe a layout like this:

Gamertag ;
Time Zone ;
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ;
Mic ;
DLC state (as in, which characters or packs you have) ;
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ;
Other information - certain parties you want such as mixed vault hunters, all claptrap, no claptrap etc ;


The table isn’t mine but I placed it here for ease of access so people can figure out how they match up.


I do like that chart and I may add that (modified of course) to my help thread a little farther down. While I do post the times I am on and people just do not read or just cannot figure out what the time would be in their time zone compared to mine.

I would even go so far as to suggest that a mod may want to sticky this, so that this thread is handy for people looking for other players in their time zones

Gamertag ; LunaticOne
Time Zone ; Eastern Standared Time
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; 9pm to about 1am
Mic ; yes
DLC state (as in, which characters or packs you have) ; Have All DLC (Season Pass)
Other: Have/played all toons, have several at various levels

For more see My Help thread:

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GT rebornhellspawn
Eastern time
Most nights midnight till I pass out
Have mic
All dlc
Down for almost anything
All toons at a minimum of 50

GT: BTK420247
Time zone: GMT-8
Time I’m online: 11am-11pm
Mic: yes
DLC: Season pass
Most toons lvl 70 +lvl 9 Jack

Gamertag ; RAVash25
Time Zone ; PST
Frequent online times ; Weekends some nights
Mic ; I use one. Communication is key.
DLC state ; All available for TPS
What you want online for ; General online play and to get the last few achievements. (Who you gonna call anyone?)
Other information ; I play with another player at all times (my wife who is a better player than me) highest toon level 70. Lowest toon level 36. Willing to start a fresh one.

Gamertag ; BIO 2009 hard
Time Zone ; EST
Frequent online times ; 9:30 am to around 5:00 pm ( off and on )
Mic ; Mic Died… must of ate some Pop Rocks with a Bottle of Soda
DLC state ; Full Season Pass
What you want online for ; General online play
Other information ; All Toons @ Level 70

GT: ii No Beasty
Time Zone: EST
Frequent Times: Afternoon-2am (all night lol)
Mic: YES!
DLC: All but baroness
Online for: General Play, Farming
Other: Level 70 Wilhelm, 52 Jack in progress

GT: mS Xero
Time Zone: PST
Frequent Time: 5:00 - 12:00 weekends (Lax during weeks)
DLC: Season Pass
Online For: Anything Bruh (Excludes lvl boosting)
Other: 70 Nisha, 70 Jack, 54 Athena - lvl 70 legendaries for days

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Gamertag ;xKILLxYOxSELFx5
Time Zone ;eastern
Frequent online times ;most of the day n night
Mic ;
DLC state (as in, which characters or packs you have) ;all dlc on all 3 bl
What you want online for ) ;fun friends n framing
Other information - I still play all 3 gsmes varies lvls of toons

Gamer tag: darboooka
Time zone: est
Online times: most days varied times from 11 am - 11 pm
Mic: yea
DLC state: season pass and shock drop
Online for: anything really
Other: all characters above 30 some maxed
Age: 18
Message or add as friend if you want to play

Gamer tag: KSI Tetris
Time zone: eastern
Online times: almost every weekday night 8 to midnight, and weekends usually all day.
Mic: yes
DLC state: everything
Online for: leveling, loot looting, fun, and needing lots of help.
Other: Nisha is my only high level, and she’s 40. I need people to play with.
Age: 23
Message or add as friend if you want to play

Time Zone: GMT
Frequent Time: Depends on shifts, but generally in the evenings
Mic: Yyyyup!
DLC: Season Pass
Online For: Story playthrough, farming, chilling
Other: all toons lvl 70

Onlinetime: most afternoons and night on weekdays
Mic: heck yeah!
Dlc state: all but character packs
Online for: farming, power leveling, playing an awesome game with some great people

Characters:62 nisha, 34 enforcer, 5 gladiator, 4 claptrap

GT: Tops Drop
Time Zone: CST
Frequent Time: Mostly on between 10p and 5a random days (work 3rd shift)
Mic: Yep, prefer teamspeak/skype over 360 but doesn’t matter much
DLC: Everything for TPS and BL2
Online For: Pretty much advancing my characters/leveling up
Other: Just started playing BL2 again to after losing all my old files. Willing to start new characters on either game. If anyone is interested in starting new play-through message me.

Highest toons: TPS: lvl 52 Athena, Lvl 14 Nisha (just started), BL2 = lvl 42 Zer0 and lvl 27 Gaige

Gamertag ; MakaLaka
Time Zone ; EST
Frequent online times ; off and on from 3pm to about 11pm
Mic ; Yes but not the best quality if that matters to you…
DLC state ; All dlc including shock drop slaughter pit
What you want online for ; About to be lvl 50 on my dappleganger and have a fresh Nisha I been wanting to start.

Gamertag: C dog 619

Timezone: Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)

Frequent online times: off and on every day usually

Mic: Yes

DLC: All DLC (for every borderlands game)

What you want online for: playthroughs and farming (for every borderlands game)

Other notes: will play with any character

Time zone: GMT +1, Central Europe, Germany
Online times: weekdays on and off from 6 p.m. to midnight, weekends usually all day
DLC state: everything
Online for: co-op Level 11 Claptrap, co-op Level 61 Aurelia
Main: Athena 70 for farming everything.
Main: Doppelganger 70 trying the Mutator Arena & Holodome Badass Round. would like some help!
Main: Level 70 Nisha Jakobs only built.
Wilhelm 60
Aurelia 61, would like to try co-op play with her at some point and levelling help.
Claptrap 11 (co-op playthrough?)
Age: 36
mic: yes, mic users preferred

Message here or on xbox live before Invitation. so i know what you wanna do/which character to choose.

Gamer tag: bang7heory
Timezone: Eastern
Online times: weekdays 9 pm - midnight. Weekends completely random
DLC: Season pass
Online for: playthroughs, farming, mobbing, whatever
Characters: 45 Claptrap, 28 Athena, recently started aurelia, open to starting new characters

Gamertag: OriginalSketchy

Time Zone: Eastern

Frequent online times (in local timezones): Evenings, Weekends

Mic: Have and will use

Age: 27

DLC state (as in, which characters or packs you have): Season Pass

What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc):
I am looking to make friends and hang out with some nice, laid-back people who want to talk and just have fun. I logged many hours into both BL and BL2; however, I was only able to pick up TPS this past weekend - as such, my only character, Athena, is low level (13).

I’d like to talk via mic and hang out in XBL Party Chat; if you want to play, please feel free to send my gamertag a message/friend request - I will definitely be on tonight (I usually play between 6 - 10 EST during the week).

Hope to hear from some of you!