A comprehensive active players thread for Xbox 360

Gamertag ; MakaLaka
Time Zone ; EST
Frequent online times ; off and on from 3pm to about 11pm
Mic ; Yes but not the best quality if that matters to you…
DLC state ; All dlc including shock drop slaughter pit
What you want online for ; About to be lvl 50 on my dappleganger and have a fresh Nisha I been wanting to start.

Gamertag: C dog 619

Timezone: Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)

Frequent online times: off and on every day usually

Mic: Yes

DLC: All DLC (for every borderlands game)

What you want online for: playthroughs and farming (for every borderlands game)

Other notes: will play with any character

Time zone: GMT +1, Central Europe, Germany
Online times: weekdays on and off from 6 p.m. to midnight, weekends usually all day
DLC state: everything
Online for: co-op Level 11 Claptrap, co-op Level 61 Aurelia
Main: Athena 70 for farming everything.
Main: Doppelganger 70 trying the Mutator Arena & Holodome Badass Round. would like some help!
Main: Level 70 Nisha Jakobs only built.
Wilhelm 60
Aurelia 61, would like to try co-op play with her at some point and levelling help.
Claptrap 11 (co-op playthrough?)
Age: 36
mic: yes, mic users preferred

Message here or on xbox live before Invitation. so i know what you wanna do/which character to choose.

Gamer tag: bang7heory
Timezone: Eastern
Online times: weekdays 9 pm - midnight. Weekends completely random
DLC: Season pass
Online for: playthroughs, farming, mobbing, whatever
Characters: 45 Claptrap, 28 Athena, recently started aurelia, open to starting new characters

Gamertag: OriginalSketchy

Time Zone: Eastern

Frequent online times (in local timezones): Evenings, Weekends

Mic: Have and will use

Age: 27

DLC state (as in, which characters or packs you have): Season Pass

What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc):
I am looking to make friends and hang out with some nice, laid-back people who want to talk and just have fun. I logged many hours into both BL and BL2; however, I was only able to pick up TPS this past weekend - as such, my only character, Athena, is low level (13).

I’d like to talk via mic and hang out in XBL Party Chat; if you want to play, please feel free to send my gamertag a message/friend request - I will definitely be on tonight (I usually play between 6 - 10 EST during the week).

Hope to hear from some of you!

@Kitty_Jo Based around the comment below by @LunaticOne back when this thread was started and that a fair few people have linked to this topic to save people from having long lists of gamertags all being duplicates is there any chance this could have a sticky to keep it visible for all new people.

I don’t know if this thread just hasn’t been showing up in the search or if people just haven’t been when looking for active players and just thought they’d create a new thread.

By the way thanks @BTK420247 for directing people here to help this list grow and keep relatively condensed.


@Tokesy97 you’re welcome. I hate seeing multiple “looking for players” threads.

would anyone help me with 3 co-op challenges on my level 70 Athena? (make trade, win a duel, revive co-op partner)? i Need those challenges for the level1 challenges achievement!!


please respond here or send me a message if you befriend me, so i know whats up.
thanks in advance!

props to Tokesy97, he helped me with those challenges in a matter of seconds!!

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GT ; No its Patrick
Time Zone ; EST
Frequent online times ; Weekdays are between 17:00 - 22:00 weekends can be random due to work.
Mic ; I have one and would like you to have one
Dlc state ; Full Season Pass
What I want online for ; Just general play or starting a new character.
Other information ; I’m not highly leveled, my highest is currently 51.

Gamertag: Boterbam
Time Zone: Central Europe
Mic: Prefered
Dlc State: Season pass+ pre order dlc

Looking for fair(no cheating) players that aren’t loot greedy. I have level 31 Jack, currently playing the claptrap dlc.
I have a few lower level toons I can play with.

GT: SSJ Ltn Tweak
TZ: Eastern. I’m on on weekends and sometimes during the day.
Mic: I have a mic and so should you. All co-op gamers need mics.
DLCs: I have all on both 360 and xbox1
I just like to play, not really any goal in mind. I’d like to keep 100% the BL series cuz I feel like if someone sees I’ve 100% it they’ll know I like it and am always up to play it, which I am. And I’ve very co-op so I tend to play with characters that help the team, I’m the white mage in the group.

Gamertag ; LR Amaterasu
Time Zone ; UK
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; Usually 6pm till about midnight
Mic ; Dont use often but have no problem speaking with mature players
DLC state (as in, which characters or packs you have) ; Season Pass, started all chars highest is 51
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ; Leveling, farming
Other information - certain parties you want such as mixed vault hunters, all claptrap, no claptrap etc; I just enjoy these games with others so any group is fine with me

Gamertag ;bucksatan11
Time Zone ;central
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; approx 7-10 pm most nights
Mic ; yes
DLC state (as in, which characters or packs you have) ; just Jack and Aurelia, will get claptrap eventually
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ; achievement hunting, mainly who you gonna call and duelist, also need to make a trade for the level 1 achievement
Other information - certain parties you want such as mixed vault hunters, all claptrap, no claptrap etc ; I’m mostly playing a level 32 Wilhelm right now so I can’t help higher level players too much

Gamertag ; Kurtdawg13
Time Zone ; PST
Frequent online times ; 4pmPST M-F, Weekend: most of the day and evening
Mic ; I have a mic
DLC state ; Full Season Pass
What you want online for ; Farming bosses/chest farming/general mobbing/achievements…
Other information ; lvl 70 Nisha, 49 Jack, 52 Athena, 29 Clap Trap, 7 Baroness

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GT ; Panarican9
Time Zone ; EST
Frequent online times ; Weekdays between 8:00 - 11:00 pm and weekends when I have the time.
Mic ; Yes and I would like for you to have one as well. Communication is key.
(Please do not have TV turned up if you are using headset. The Echo is annoying and totally unnecessary.)
DLC state ; Claptrap DLC only
Online for ; General Co-op play, playthroughs, farming
Other information ; Lawbringer Level 50, Up for starting new character, Up for helping others
(Common sense as most of you already know but some need direction. Follow the Hosts lead, go at the pace of Host, do not fast travel without consent, stay with group and Host has first crack at all Loot. Play as a team, communicate and be respectful so we can all enjoy the game together)

I moved a post to an existing topic: Thou Shalt Not Dupe

Anyone have a lv 60 luck cannon swap for a lv 60 rustlers flayer or a revolution?