A concept sketch "Bandit Manufacture Turret"

Not only it is a auto turret, it’s your best friend and your pet.

A sentry with not so good accuracy, not-so-fast rate of fire. Once it’s tossed, it’ll last on the battle field until it’s destroyed, reclaim or run out of ammo.


Hey, this is pretty neat.

I always thought it would be pretty cool if they develop a character who deploys a mountable turret.

Perhaps pressing the Action Skill button fires the turret, and pressing the fire button fires whatever you have equipped when you mount it.

I dig it! Passing along to the team! :smile:

I was thinking an Game changer skill that when you press Action skill button you can toss out the turret base and the gun you are currently holding, and the turret will fire the gun you tossed out instead of default set(a Bandit Mashine gun).

For instance, you toss the turret out with Shredifier, Shredifier will be attached on the turret base and fire at closest target automatically.

Feel free to do so, I was trying to come up with a bandit expert gunman who wants to be a Vault Hunter, with skill tree set Bruiser, Marauder and Scavenger.

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Sounds badass.

BanDity vult haunter wud be badaSS in a gud wai


Game Changer Skill: “Sticky like a puppy”

A skill that allow Chewy Gun stick on to surface and mobs(Allies and enemies alike)!!