A concise request to the developers

I don’t want a timetable. That’s been proven to be unreliable and cause more hatred. But many of the responses to concerns are difficult to find. And it would be unreasonable for you to answer every thread.
So what I’d want is a short list of what is recognized as a problem. I’d love to know what’s in the works but that’s not important. Only you have the data. Please just give the community a small offering of what is a problem. Not how you’re fixing it, or necessarily if you’re fixing it at all. I believe that if people know they’re heard, they’ll be much more likely to stick it out, and the game will bleed less.
You’ve been very upfront about what you know is a problem with most things, but with things like Tier 2 skins we heard nothing. All I’d like is a check mark, acknowledgement of an existing problem and your awareness. I know many who would feel this as the most reasonable request currently manageable, and I and them would be very grateful. If marketing/2K restricts you from mentioning it, we would hopefully understand. But I can’t see marketing have control over things like balancing issues, and because it isn’t, I’d understand not telling us even remotely how or what you’re doing. Just that you know. And if you can’t even do that, I’d understand as long as there was a short explanation.
No matter what, I will continue playing this game. Split screen, no matter how implemented, wasn’t necessary and I’m thankful it was included. Lore shows how you want to make the game more engaging and not have to rely on a website to discover the wonderful world you’ve created. So, continue as you have. And let us not worry about the game we love. Because we know you love it more than even the community does, and believe in it more than we ever could.
I leave my plea here.
The assurance would go a long way.

I don’t think they’re in a position to create a proper roadmap for themselves internally, outside of a few hard requirements, let alone make one for us.

I don’t want a road map. Just to know what is considered a problem currently. I don’t need to know dates or what there doing. Or even if they’re currently working on fixing a particular problem. I’m asking for a list of problems they know exist.

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