A Constructive critic for Gearbox. *A Polite Rant*

Big Borderlands fan here. People seem to be very reasonable here, so I will try my best.
I am bit upset today after 30 minutes waiting for the Matchmaking in BB…

I bought the game since 1st day, played the beta too. I played around 40 hours on steam, I work a lot and study, so I do not have that much time and I quit the game after 2 months, especially because of all the updates, balance and player base issues that everyone in this community already knows.

I was glad to see that Gearbox was making BB Online Free, because I bought the game for the MOBA / Competitive side of it, the game is a brilliant FPS MOBA, and now it starts the first reason why I got so upset, they never advertise as a Truly FPS MOBA, and it is, has all the freakin elements, maybe the big difference is the maps usually are not the classic Three Lane Moba map, but besides that they should wear the shirt of the genre with pride, and I hate they are obviously afraid of advertising as a F2P, and are calling it a Trial, maybe afraid of an uproar from people who bought the console version ?

The second reason is their online Matchmaking, why I ■■■■ look for multiple online modes at the same time…?

I can do this in Rocket League… I can do this in Atlas Reactor, CSGO, Overwtach, and the list goes on and on.

Why they ■■■■ do this ? Psyonix was not a big developer as you guys, like by FAR, and they managed to do this system, I can search multiple modes during my Matchmaking. WHY GEARBOX?

I think as a consumer of your products I deserve this answer, I bought 1 year ago a game that I cannot play online, and the silly part of it, I even mention this on my first sentence, I loved borderlands, so I manage to convince all my close friends to buy Battleborn, so we could play competitive matches. Well, we all know how this story ends.

The game improved a lot, even in the small details that I was the only one to complain ( Such as Huds and Menus design), now it has 30 characters, so many positive things happening.

I would like to have an answer for these questions.

1, Why afraid of advertising F2P and as a FPS MOBA ?
( I read other thread that said that it is a trial because the PVE Missions are locked for 50 bucks. They are lying, they are ignoring the meaning of the words.)

From Cambridge Dictionary:
TRIAL - noun
C1 [ C or U ] a test, usually over a limited period of time, to discover how effective or suitable something or someone is.

  1. Why not an improved Matchmaking system, that allow multiple queue modes?
    I tried to play today (lv 23), I had to give up after 30 minutes waiting for the Matchmaking…
    And the 20 lv cap, will probably leave me out, and i wont be able to play with a bunch of new players for a while.

In a business stand point, and me being the consumer, they way you are treating us and the practices, it is just absurd.


Ah, just because I mentioned Overwatch there, I would like to state for all:

Battleborn > Overwatch ( in gameplay style and mechanics )

Having a kill in BB is much much more satisfying that onther FPSs.

Just to be clear :slight_smile:


Interesting bit. I’m in the minority or the minority still playing this game, but I actually bought the game for PvE, that’s the main reason I chose it instead of overwatch at launch. It was a blast to play when match making worked but now the Jedi (fellow battleborn players) are all but extinct.

I don’t get why they don’t call it Moba either, especially since the f2p part is PvP only so that is straight moba. PvE is more just like coop missions. But I think they need to get the messaging for what it is. At launch people were debating between this and overwatch yet the games are fundamentally different. They need to get the message out that it’s a MOBA to avoid the same messaging mistakes.


A polite Rant.

Apologies for the Grammar-Nazi-ing.

I agree with your matchmaking concerns. I’m sure it’s one of he things that the game will keep struggling to fix for time to come. It seems Gearbox isn’t too sure what it wants to do with its matchmaking system yet.


Thanks! I corrected it.

The funny thing about Battleborn for me it will always be: They nailed the gameplay and mechanics, and I kinda like the wacky hero designs, those things are very hard to nail. The Incursion mode (especially Overgrowth) it is just an amazing competitive match! They even put PvE which most of these games lack man !

But… on the easiest parts they failed. They are not alone on this ship, FOR HONOR for example is a very similar good example, they failed on almost the same. Lack of a good matchmaking system and input microtransactions in a bad moment of the game.

There is no excuse nowadays for this, most people just don’t put up with it anymore, there are so so so many great games out there with very competente online systems from much smaller devs, it makes me very confused why they just chose to not listen to the community. Every rage there I saw on the many forums and youtube videos were about these factors.

I dunno man, they know they have a good game, VERY VERY UNIQUE, the only one that is similar, is getting released this year: paragon. I dunno why they took this course, why 2K marketed the way they did, we are not professionals or experts on those areas and pretty much everyone felt there some wrong doing.


up please, we need to change this

Iirc, 2k are responsible for the ‘trial’ label. Jythri wanted to call it f2p. So go and rant politely at them, please.
As to matchmaking: they made some decisions at the start of development that haven’t played out as intended. This is one area, though, that they are always reviewing and wanting to improve.

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I will say this politely. 2K are not very clever hive of minds.

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alright, thanks for the answer.

I guessed it was a decision of maybe an important person in the company, because it is just very weird and arrogant decision to make, considering the paradigms that we are already used to when looking for a F2P game that we can invest.

It is pretty much going against the market concepts that everyone applies in marketing those games.

Do they address the community about this ?
Like " Hey people, we are chosing to do this very different from other games, because of X reason and etc… "

I saw so so so many post asking why do not give some extra value to Incursion Mode for example, and the list is big. I saw new players asking the same thing. They say they have a open talk with the community, but that is not open at all…