A couple Bugs I came across so far

I have been playing Battleborn’s Open Beta and came across a few bugs.

1.During multiplayer sometimes off of starting spawn armed characters don’t spawn with weapons. This leads to not being able to fight at all. The only way we have found to fix this bug is dying. Sometimes you have to die multiple times. This definitely should be looked at please and thank you.

2.The second bug relays to the characters. Yesterday I unlocked Toby by winning a match as a rouge character 5 times no big deal. But as I try to play has Toby it tells me that I have yet to unlock him. Would like to see this fixed as I want to play as something so cute and deadly.

Thank you for your time. Love the game so far, keep up the good work.

Ah oh well if thats the case then thats not so much a bug more like just a pain in the arse, because you know console wars totally make everyone happy.

So I encountered a rather game breaking bug last night again. This one builds off of the first bug. The first bug still happens to friends mostly it seems when they play oscar mike. But yesterday as a rath at the beginning of the game i was stuck on the tower above the map in Meltdown. I couldn’t move and my weapons didn’t show and i couldn’t swing again. Where i was i was immortal and most people didnt see me anyways. I had to leave the game then join back in order to play it.

As I know this to be a beta so I am being respectful and just reporting these bugs and I do feel confident in my pre-order now to keep it. But pls fix these bugs when you can they are annoying.