A couple issues I feel need to be fixed

First: Balance

This is pretty obvious to anyone that plays the game, but there are some balance issues. Biggest balance issue is that healers are completely unrestricted right now. They’ve fallen into one of the classic “healer” traps, in that if they are left unchecked they end up nigh-immortal. In my opinion a few more characters really need some way to inflict the “Wounded” condition, either that or Miko should have a “bar” of healing energy that slowly regenerates and Alani’s wellspring healing shouldn’t be as strong, or should have diminishing returns when used on the same target. This would still make it difficult to burst Alani or Miko down instantly, but would make it possible for longer engagements to get them down a bit easier.

There are a number of heroes that need a little something, whether it’s quality of life or actual balance changes. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed that I consider part of the balance is that larger characters need to be a bit more durable. This of course, is because they are larger characters. Attikus has almost no way to sustain himself despite how large a target he is. Obviously there are exceptions to this suggestion, just as there are prime examples. ISIC for instance is fine in my opinion.

These larger characters are also a pain in the ass to navigate with in many cases, they get stuck on walls or minions, or in storymode get stuck on enemies. This can be increasingly bad for their health, as immobility in this game is often a death sentence. Perhaps cutting down on the model these characters use for environmental collision would help, and making it so that larger characters can push small minions around so as not to get stuck behind their own friendly minions and such.

Second: Matchmaking

I realize there is a system behind this but our current matchmaking could use a LOT of love. Doing a couple of good matches should not end up placing you on a team with people who just got the game an hour ago in your next match. You should be matched with people of a similar skill level to you to encourage matches that aren’t one sided. That’s how a game is fun. Not curbstomping 3 matches in a row and then getting annihilated for 3 matches.

As far as story matchmaking goes, please give us the option to public queue for the maps and difficulty in the same way you make a private match. No voting and having people leave because you ended up on a match they didn’t like, or because you didn’t go to the match they wanted to.

Third: Equipment/Rewards

Bosses should always drop rare or better gear in normal, and epic or better gear in advanced. I also feel like the MASSIVELY BUFFED BULLET SPONGES in Heliophage should have drops as well. I understand that they’re part of a boss rush and that’s probably why they don’t have drops, but considering the challenge of the mission I feel there should be more reward.

Faction loot packages have been increasingly depressing and at the risk of sounding salty, it’s because there’s an increasing chance to get “coins” as the “Guaranteed skin drop” from the commander packs, even if you haven’t gotten all the skins that pack can offer. I’ve counted at least 6 times when I’ve gotten 500 coins instead of said guaranteed skin. This should not be able to happen, not in commander packs and not in normal faction packs. If you get a skin or taunt drop you should get a skin or taunt until you run out of skin or taunts to get.

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I wish people wouldn’t assume this. Forum readers discover very quickly there are no absolutes. There is nothing everyone agrees on.

Your opinion is your opinion, it always bugs me to read someone attributing their opinion to me.


Anyone left “unchecked” is immortal. I don’t know if you play any of the healers but I primarily play Miko and it isn’t easy staying alive or keeping others alive if they are focused. Most of the game is spent hiding behind walls or any object that will LOS the enemy. If my healing target gets focused they will surely die without a cooldown or LOS the enemy. It also doesn’t help that Miko has no shield.

As far as Alani’s “big” heals, she can’t spam them because she needs to build up 3 stacks. Her healing can be bursty but nowhere near as consistent as Miko’s beam.

Any hero will seem unbalanced when played flawlessly. A bad healer can lose your match and a good one may help you win it. Some of the best healers I played against had a team supporting them and protecting them which makes them feel “immortal”. If any adjustments are made to healers it really should be a buff to their healing and a nerf to any damage they do.

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I’m sorry, but I had to stop reading here, because this needs addressing.

Attikus is a late game character, meaning he’s supposed to be weak until around level 5-6, and amazing at around 8-10. If you build him right he can be unstoppable.

Also, if you get the charge efficiency mutation, it’s even better.

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The only large character atm I really feel needs love due to his size is toby. As the previous poster mentioned attikus starts weak and scales fairly rapidly. You can really see it in advanced story missions as he will get torn up early on then pretty much walk through whatever he feels like without a care in the world late in the mission.

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Toby def needs a buff. His ult is useless, and he has next to no health. He’s by no means a tank.

EDIT: They re-classified him. He still needs a buff though.

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Thats because he is not a tank defender does not mean tank if your playing tody as a tank your doing it wrong that being said his ult does need a buff and his shield skill needs to scale like everyone elses skills do.

A tank needs to be able to absorb damage, Boldur, Isic, and even Montana can do this without a real problem, they recently reclassified him, and it’s because he can’t absorb damage, which is what a tank HAS to be able to do in order to be a tank.

Anyone wanna address the things I mentioned that were not balance changes (Which everyone has differing opinions on regardless the game)

He is NOT A TANK .
Saying he needs more health because he is a tank well not true. He is territoral using his shield and railgun to defender a area. He more like a sniper than a tank he had the tags territoral advanced and adorible for ages i cant remeber him ever having the tank tag.

He was a tank until recently. My game said he was classified as a tank, I retracted my request after it changed his classification. CHILL OUT.

I was chill.
I shall leave a smiley face next time to show it :slight_smile:

Big characters can’t be tanks because it just makes them easier for Marquis/Thorn to pick them off from the other side of the map.

Tiny characters like Alani are the real tanks.

That’s kind of why I think bigger characters should have a minor buff to survivability. The only reason I used Attikus as an example (despite him having plenty of survival on his later helixes) is because he is literally the biggest player character target in the game. Is he durable? Sure. Is he durable enough for how easy his size makes him to shoot with a ranged character? Probably not.

It’s the same thing when you compare Toby and Marquis, since they’re both defensive area controlling sniper characters. Toby has some nice benefits like the air dash and an actual wall he can use, but his wall doesn’t scale well and can get destroyed fairly fast, and he’s just so large that getting him off your back is much easier than if you tried to take a potshot at that marquis harassing you.

@timtoborne as far as I know Toby was never classified as tank. He definitely wasn’t one during the early access or beyond, which is when most people started. As far as I’m aware he wasn’t available for most of the betas before that either. He didn’t get reclassified, he was simply never intended to be a tank.

Honestly though, balance is really slow in how it’s been changed so far. I feel like the balance changes need to be a bit more active.

More than that though, Matchmaking and loot need to be changed too.

@Sofiel In that case, my game has a graphical glitch, because territorial wasn’t there until recently, and it replaced tank. Regardless, doesn’t matter now.