A Couple of Awesome Requests!

Hi everybody!

I am SO excited about Battleborn, honestly I can’t sleep! I have been counting the days for the release of this game for about a year now and I’m still just as excited about now as I was then!
Battleborn has been occupying my mind daily, I trawl the net for any tiny bit of news, and I’ve been thinking about a couple of things I’d like to be added to the game.

1. A David Bowie Skin.
I don’t know about anyone else, but the news of David Bowie’s death hit me quite hard - it was like a family member had died! He was a truly great man who’s memory, I feel, deserves to be recognised in as many ways as possible. A few days after his death a thought kept rolling around in my head “have David Bowie in Battleborn”. I don’t know why but it seemed a good idea - I’m sure a lot of people would agree that most of the Jennerit look like a Bowie alter ego! So it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to create a Bowie inspired skin for one of them, male or female - he was known for his ambiguous sexuality. A lot of people may disagree with my request, but please Gearbox, make a David Bowie skin for a Battleborn character. I believe it is just a small way to honour the memory of one of the greatest badasses the world has ever seen and I like to think that he (a huge fan of video games) would be touched to have a character running around looking like him and blowing things up!

2. Motion Control
I know this sounds weird, but I honestly believe that the option to have motion controlled aiming would make Battleborn even more awesome. I don’t know about other people, but for years I have struggled with shooter games for the one fact that I am not that good at aiming with my thumb. I can point in the general direction of an enemy, but pinpoint accuracy has always been a bit of a fluke!
That was until I played games with motion control. Now I’m sure I’m gonna get a lot of stick for this from some but the Nintendo games (Splatoon and Nintendo Land) I’ve played with motion control provide a much more enjoyable experience for me. I am much much better using motion control - I go from your average player to a dead-eye.
So I’m asking Gearbox if they would please incorporate the option to have motion control in Battleborn, if you’re not sure how then look no further than Splatoon. They have create a hybrid of motion and stick control that, admittedly, to begin with feels crazy and you think “no way am I gonna like this!”, but after a bit it feels so natural and provides so much more accuracy. And I know that it is possible for PS4 (don’t know about Xbox One), but for the PS4 the controllers have motion sensors. You’d have noticed them when typing stuff in on the PS4 keyboard or if you ever played iNFAMOUS: Second Son when you do the graffiti sections. Please Gearbox, bring motion control to Battleborn, it may seem like a weird request but I truly believe it’s worthwhile - and an extra selling point for already such an awesome game!

If you agree with either of these requests please like etc. To get enough attention for Gearbox to give them proper consideration. Thanks!

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It wouldn’t surprise me if this is already in the game. Would Mellka fit ? Thorn already has a lash of paint on one side of her face (replace with iconic thunder).
Sorry not a bowie fan but I believe people at Gearbox are.

I would like to see a reference to Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Harry Potter). A great actor who also passed away recently. Maybe something from the movie ‘Galaxy Quest’ could be added to Battleborn. Taunt: “By Grabthar’s Hammer, you shall be avenged!”

Another one is Satoru Iwata. A Great man in the gaming industry. Being a long time Nintendo fan he has influenced my life and the gaming industry itself. Maybe GBX could reference something from his work or the Nintendo Direct.

Yup this sounds kinda weird and the reason for this is that motion controls have not always been a good replacement of the old/traditional control scheme. Although Nintendo did something right with Splatoon as most of the top players use the motion control settings for more precise aiming. Although my brain has some issues with it. Making game accessible is a good thing. But i think motion controls would currently be PS4 exclusive thing as the Xbox One controller doesn’t feature a gyroscope. There is always the option for a Nintendo NX version of Battleborn… (no idea what it will be and how successful it would be).

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Melka definitely would be good, she already has hair a bit like Ziggy Stardust so just changing the colour and adding the face paint would be easy. I also like the idea of putting Toby in Bowie’s wig he had in the film Labyrinth, I think it would suit him!

I agree that Alan Rickman is another great who was taken too soon and that he should be honoured as much as possible. He always made it seem so effortless to transform into such different characters - I never watched him as Alan Rickman playing a role, he WAS that character every time hands down. I think the taunt is the best way to add him to the game - or make a Severus Snape skin for one of the characters, maybe Marquis. His sniper-stick could be made to look like a wand etc.

Satoru Iwata is, sadly, slightly trickier to address because Nintendo might get annoyed with some sort of copyright breech or something, but I agree he should be acknowledged too.

Regarding the motion control. I’m of the opinion if it can be done then do it. Gearbox are an exception in the gaming world - they care for the gamers’ experience by including features other companies have turned their backs on. The inclusion of split screen is a good example of this, most companies don’t bother and give the excuses of compromised graphics etc. But Gearbox don’t care about that, they care about us and so in my mind adding an unconventional control scheme doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to me.

They could do Satoru Iwata “taunt”. Like how he always did during thoes nintendo directs.


That would be really cool! They could have Galilea do it - then it would be another sort of nod to Iwata, what with her being a little Legend of Zelda-y with the sword and shield. She could say ‘I’ve brought some pain - “Direct to you!”’