A couple of Co-op players needed


So far I’ve made it to UVHM Level 53 solo. But now I’m having trouble getting past Wilhelm. I’ve tried ‘Matchmaker’ from the main menu for the past few days but nothing has been available. Are there any players at this level that could help me? If so drop me a note and we can start playing.


I can help you if you’re still looking.

Thanks so much. That would be great. When are you available? For times I am based in the UK.


Hiya, I’m also up for it if you fancy playing with someone who wastes much too much time on Pandora :stuck_out_tongue: I’m in the U.K., usually play in the evenings.

Steam name currently Make Gatsby Great Again, URL /ShiningPie

Thanks, I’ll be online around 7:30 this evening (Tuesday) if that’s OK with you. On entry to Tundra Express we will just need to cross in to End of the Line to meet Wilhelm.

Do you fancy working through Tiny Tina’s DLC together in the future?


I’m in the US and I’m available at various times. What’s your Steam name?

My Siren is knighm. I think I will need to change this. I will be online this evening from 7:30 UK time (2:30 EST). If this is inconvenient perhaps we could do something at the weekend?


I’ve just looked at what Steam name is. It seems that I am shown as knighm. I just created a Steam URL which is Blueboat.