A couple of free VIP rewards were redeemed automatically on my profile


The Early adopter pack is explained but something called a “welcome pack” was added as well.


Huh. I did pretty much everything you can on the site to get all the rewards I could. Can’t remember if I got those or not. Guess I have to go look now. :thinking:

I was actually wondering about the “Early Adopter Pack”, since at one point on the VIP website, it said the following:

“Finally, don’t forget to claim your Early Adopter Pack once you’ve preordered so you can save up even more gear for Borderlands 3 on day one!”

Couldn’t figure out how to get the EAP, but now that I’m looking at my profile, there it is, along with the Welcome Pack as well. So you’re not alone. Mine was apparently added on the 11th of April, just like yours.