A Couple of General points

  1. I am farming the Tiny Tina DLC for a Chaotic Evil Monk class mod starting from the Mines of Avarice and going back to the 2 chests in Conquerer’s Crypt. It has taken 2 days so far of around 6 or 7 hours of game play time. So far I have got 2 Chaotic Evil Monk class mods with good Fire Rate & Critical Hit stats. However these don’t have the +6 Money Shot skill bonus but instead have +6 Sexual Tyrannosaurus and +5 Asbestos bonus skills. Has the +6 Money Shot Chaotic Evil Monk been modded out? If not it is proving VERY difficult to get.

  2. I have been collecting the VIP points to get some weapons I have no chance of getting in normal game play. Yesterday however was a bummer - the free spin wheel lands on a gun from the Pre-Sequel, a game I haven’t got. In the VIP program if you have the 8 guns to get the free BL3 gun can you still enter points and get a few more guns? I am trying to get some good weapons to do the Fight For Sanuctuary DLC whilst I wait for Steam to get the new BLC as there is no way I would ever allow the Epic Games loader on my PC

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If it was modded out, I think you should know since that would mean you’d done something to your own game! There have been no changes to the game from GBX other than adding the 5th DLC and extra levels. Probably just bad luck. You may want to hit up the trade section for your platform in case someone has a spare.

Can’t help you with your second question, but hopefully someone else can.

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Just luck, try other places like the Chest in Unassuming Docks just in front of the Flamerock Refugee Fast travel (plus a chance of a tubby bones) or the Dragon’s Keep chest (then handsome sorceror legendary drops).

It says at least 8 guns so it is possible to exceed those.

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