A Couple of Observations

Yet again killing the Warrior at the end of NVHM and there is no Gold reward. Killing the Warrior in my last 11 games has only resulted in 2 Gold weapons. This is a poor return for killing the games main Boss. I scoured the walkable areas and used sniper sights to scan the lava flows in case a gold weapon had been dumped there. Is this a normal return for killing the Warrior.

Secondly, I am playing as Salvador and am at Level 35 and have only had one Golden weapon drop (a Bonus Package Grenade). I really could do with a Gold Class Mod. Where is the best place to try and pick one up? Alternatively has anyone got one (preferably between level 35 and 50) to trade. I have a few Golds from other characters to trade. As a comparison whilst playing Maya I had 7 Gold weapons by Level 35, of which 3 were Class Mods.


It’s a guaranteed drop on the story mission but, as you note, not always easy to find. I’ve found the drop tucked almost invisibly under the moonshot console, perched on top of one of the nearby statues, and stuck in the well the vault key comes out of. I am not 100% sure, but it’s possible one of the heads that can drop counts as being the designated drop? That said, I don’t think I’ve failed to get something on the story mission since GBX added the animation that has the body slide into the lave.

Didn’t know there was a guaranty for a legendary in NVHM. I have seen things land in odd places. Otherwise, I just assumed getting purples was the baseline for gear drops when killing the Warrior in NVHM. Truth is, the higher the difficulty, the better the drops.

@knighm If I were you I would move on to TVHM and save some side missions to get some of the better uniques, since most Salvador builds you find use more unique blues than legendaries. As for class mods, loot midgets, tubbies, and chubbies are your best sources, and most of those drops come at higher difficulties.

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