A couple of questions about early in game

I received 2 pistols with the game. Neither of them works. (They’re both Legendary) 1 is a Maliwan, the other is a Torgue. Both are level 1, item score 15 and both have the same stats; damage 0, reload 0, mag size 0, fire rate 0. What’s with them?
Second question, early in the game there is a mission for succulent scags. I was being attacked while the guy was talking so if he told how to harvest the blossoms I missed it. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but nothing works. How do I harvest the blossoms?

The pistols sound buggy to me! Haven’t come across that myself.

As for the mission, I think you need to slam down on the red-ish coloured plants (they look a little like cacti). Get as high as you can and jump then press and hold the crouch button to slam in their general area :slight_smile: .

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To do a slam go to a higher place and jump and crouch.

Attack the plants with anything that does splash damage. That’s why the mission gives you the Big Succ, which has a grenade launcher as an alternate firing mode.

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Thanks bluespark, I’d tried bigger and badder guns, with grenades, but apparently you have to use the gun given to you for the mission… duh…

Huh… I could swear I made the plants drop a couple of blossoms just by tossing grenades across the area. Guess I was mistaken.

Didn’t even realise the mission gave you a weapon! I remember being stumped by it for a while too haha. Thanks for the info

Maybe you did. It didn’t work for me, but then I’ve had some problems with the game. Been kicked off at least 3 times, once I almost killed the anointed goliath, went back to take him on again, and he was nowhere to be found. Left the planet, came back and he was waiting to kill me, again…