A couple of questions from a new user


I’m new here (obviously) but a veteran of another forum with very similar software- the TRS one. However I notice immediately that there are significant differences.

First and foremost, is there anywhere I can see a list of the moderators or site managers here, if that’s alright?

And secondly, how do trust levels work around here? As a new user do I only have a few posts until I rank up, or is it different here? How long until I gain Member and am able to do regular things like PM, etc?

Finally, on general etiquette- how do you guys feel about profanity, crude humor, etc? Just trying to establish clear cut boundaries. :smiley:

Thank you in advance. :smile:


Hey Rose ^.^

Hello! :slight_smile:

Go away you’re bad. Kappa.

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No U :slight_smile:


Forum Rules

Turst Level Guide by Twister.

And now for a human response;

Trust levels will be gained naturally, it is a quick cap to reach, but it has a big sinkhole for poor behavior.

Profanity isn’t allowed, it is automatically bleeped out. Some blue humor is allowed, obviously. We are talking about the producers of Borderlands, but the limit should be clear.

Any derogatory humor is strictly prohibited.


Hey there! And welcome.

A list of our administrators and moderators can be found here :

Here is a link to a useful thread on trust levels.

However, be aware that you cannot achieve Regular anymore at this time.

And as far as your friend, Trollogrefey and cptboomboom, I fixed their permissions and they should be able to post now.

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@Kitty_Jo @Giuvito Thank you very much for the responses, these will help immensely. :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

Thank you sir ^.^

Im actually a lass but whos counting!

Youre welcome :smile_cat:

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Ah, Nice to know :slight_smile:

Thank you regardless! :smile:


I just ninja’d you. Didn’t I?

I used to get ninja’d all the time modding TRS forums. <.<

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In some ways, but i also answered a couple things you didnt. So it was like a half-ninja :stuck_out_tongue:

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A semi-ninja.

A ninjeuette.

I’ll stop now.


Also, don’t forget to use the search bar for any threads you may be interested in checking out.

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Ahhh! You! I remember when yo ubecame a moderator on the old GBS forums back when Borderlands 2 was out.

I was pretty active on there back then. Same name I have for this account. Nice to see you still around!

I remember you. Nice to see you again!

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@SuitableTrain8 is. :dukewhistle:

Hello travelers! :blyoohoo: