A Couple of Questions

Currently I am playing at Level 64 as Salvador and have been trying to get a Sheriff’s Badge Relic, but without sucess. I have even gone back to TVHM and NVHM in several characters. On all occasions I end up with a Deputy’'s Badge. So until I can finish playing as Salvador and move to a new character is there anyone with a spare Sheriff’s Badge they could let me have or would be prepared to trade? I have a lot of Legendary weapons stored away but no Sereph or OP level weapons. Thanks in anticipation.

Oh one quick question… What is the story with Bandit Plasma Casters ? All the bullets seem to bounce off the enemies and do more damage to me. Is this normal?

the drop rate for the sheriff’s badge is the low but if you keep killing the sheriff eventually you’ll get it. As far as the bandit plasma casters, it comes down to what enemies you’re attacking. If it’s an enemy with a shield that has bullet deflection then yeah you’ll get hit, otherwise the biggest issue with those particular guns is there spread is so wide that it’s hard to be accurate at all. Basically you just have to look out for shielded surveyors, constructors when they raise their eye shield, nomads with shields, and a few bosses.


As @Isthiswill said, it’s a rare drop (not a mission reward). One thing about it is that you may have to get up on the roof to check for it, depending on where the Sheriff was when you killed her. It is possible to get up on the roof where she spawns without grenade jumping using the boxes and awning on the building to the left (as you look at it). Or, you could try yanking her down with a singularity grenade.