A Couple of Quick Questions

Is the Longbow Shock Grenade as efficient as say a Longbow Tesla to remove a Constructors shields? The Shock Grenade has a higher damage level but is almost instant compared to the Tesla’s ongoing damage. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I transitioned into UVHM (again) at level 51. I understand that the difficultry cranks up every 5 levels. So would the first more difficult level be level 55 or 56?



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I’m not sure about specifics, but the advantage of Teslas is the DoT can be significant, can hit potentially more targets, and is harder for enemies to get away from.

On difficulty: there is no change in “difficulty” because there isn’t really such a thing in BL2. Enemy health etc. scales with level - as does the players. In NVHM and TVHM each map has a certain range of levels; the actual level is set when the player first enters, and all enemy levels are then relative to the map level. Certain events (such as beating the Warrior in TVHM or clearing specific story missions) will change map levels periodically, but that’s the only change.

UVHM differs in that the damage etc. scaling changes slope and enemies gain health regen. To offset this, slag lasts longer and you can get slag on slag damage. Maps scale to the highest player’s level when you enter, which again then defines the range of enemy levels.

Where there can be a struggle is in the range ~ 55-60. This isn’t because of a step change in some “difficulty” rating; rather, enemy health and damage gets a bit ahead of the player, but you don’t quite have enough skill points to offset that disadvantage. Once you hit 61 you will have filled in enough holes in your skill tree that the game opens up again.


I don’t think so. IMHO sustained shock damage > one time shock damage for shield stripping, although I usually use a shock plasma caster when I get to WR3DN (the first time I actually think about stripping shields). The 5 level interval is related to the damage reduction that enemies get against weapons that are that many levels below them.

Again I have been beaten to the punch by the forum dad. He’s got your best interest at heart, and gives the best advice. And he says everything I want to say better than I do. @VaultHunter101, for the win.

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What longbow shock grenade?

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Tediore grenades (not fastball)

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@knighm - Your best bet would be to farm for a StormFront at level 50 (in TVHM) and use that in UVHM. It will last a good few levels. The only other one that would be any near as good would be a Purple Tesla with at least a 580 radius on it.

You’ll find Tesla style grenades to be the best for shield stripping (and tactical use) as they do constant damage for a period of time. You’ll also find the Quasar to be very useful as it has the Singularity effect and a Tesla combined, great for bandit areas.