A couple of wierd things I noticed playing on PS4 vs Xbox I would never have realized otherwise

So first off, the opening title screen on Xbox can have Deande, Orendi, Thorn, Ghalt or Beatrix just sitting their waiting for you. On PS4 I’ve never seen Orendi or Deande on the title screen. I asked a few PS4 friends about it to see if it was just pure RNG but no, they just never show up.

Second, this isn’t thing on Xbox:

Kind of weird things to be specific to different consoles.

Not much else to discuss, just felt like sharing that discovery.


What’s the title screen for PS4 folk? Does it not exist, at all?

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Oh no, it’s just Ghalt, Thorn and Beatrix. The point was that Deande and Orendi never show up in the random selection of who’s on the title screen.

When I told @Deande and @Nemosis327 about it they were actually a little upset because there was just that much less Deande in their lives.


Welcome to the good console, friend. extends warm, inviting hand in greeting


Did you enjoy yourself?
I was crazy rusty and I derpd with my load-outs but I had a lot of fun.
The league should be good stuff

Nah, I’m still going to be playing more on PS4. Can’t ditch my friends on PS4, those guys are my brothers and sister-brothers in combat. If I can convince Nemo or Deande to come over though, we would have a lot of fun. I haven’t seen any Deande/Rath combos yet on Xbox. I know that the PC guys got that covered but we can’t rest until every system has experienced the terror/joy of that synergy.

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Oh yeah, having a blast as I always do with Battleborn. Just trying to get the right gear is the only downside so far.

Looks like Xbox needs some Phoebe in their lives.

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If you have an Xbox, the more the merrier.

I know it’s boring but if you really wanted to grind it out we should be running 5 loot booster in bots we could churn out 8-10 wins an hour

I’m fine with just doing normal PvP with some loot boosters, or the OM op. I lucked out and already have my go to Rath and Dragon loadouts, as well as the -reload and -heal power shard collectors (just no perfect stats and any of them). I can work with that.

Haha… Hey, @nbrownlie237, remember WAY back when we insulted Rath, and i told you that at least YOU’D never have to fight Blaine? I was wrong… :smiling_imp:


Exactly, you can never have too much Deande.
Who wants to lose their job


I thought @nbrownlie237 was a PC player?

I play a pretty decent Deande, and I didn’t get to see your Rath skills yet in the game we played together.

Oh… Maybe he is…

Well it was far more fun running into some mildly competent teams
Maybe run some quick-match next time

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Yep, PC, I’m afraid. Used to be on X360, but it fell victim to the Red Ring of Death after four long years of service.


So, what characters show up on the title screen on PC?

And can you give Phoebe a bad hair day?


Title screens are Orendi, Beatrix, Deande, Ghalt and Thorn - there might be others but I don’t remember.

And yes. Sometimes if my computer is acting up it’ll get stuck, which is brilliant.