A Couple Questions About Mayhem 2.0 - Post Borderlands Show

It was nice to finally get more of a deep dive into Mayhem 2.0, but it left me with a few lingering questions that I am unsure of that I don’t know if I missed (I only caught 2/3 the show) or if they didn’t clarify:

  • Will we be able to select the modifiers that we want to use? I was pretty pumped for this being the case because it was originally mentioned in that Mental Mars leak, but it didn’t sound like it was true when they discussed the way the mods would work. This would be a huge bummer if not.

  • Is it just guns that will scale, or all items? If shields scale with each Mayhem mode, you would think that the damage increase of each level would have to be decently significant. I am really hoping we don’t go back to the days of health values being meaningless and needing to rely on health gate mechanics to survive…


pretty sure, all gear will scale
why would other things but guns be excluded?

about selecting modifiers, that would be good^^

they allready overinflated the healthbars…

i’m getting the feeling they don’t know how to make this game difficult…

the AI needs new mechanics. the only other thing they can do is raise HP, shields, and armor.

maybe that’s why the game feels so boring…

99% are CoV and the odd dinosaur :rofl:

anointed where the biggest mistake ever…

I’m surprised they’re carrying over the randomness of Mayhem 3. It was my impression they recognized that as a mistake, hence the relative simplicity of Mayhem 4’s modifiers.

Well that’s Fl4k in a nutshell.

Nah, the randomness of M3 was the best bit. The fact that some of the modifiers were rubbish and some contradicted each other was the bigger problem.
People complained about M3 modifiers because it forced them to change their playstyles on the fly, but you couldn’t change your build without leaving the area, for the most part. Not everyone wanted to create a build around close combat fire weapons and then arrive in a map and find they need to use electric sniper rifles, for example. The feeling of having to adapt to new rules and play in different ways was great, but not implemented well.

I find my fade away FL4K build hardly ever gets health gated, they can’t hit what they can’t see. The exception being in fights like wotan.

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Exactly! Diablo 3 managed to fix that problem eventually, I would think GBX could too.

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That’s what I am scratching my head about too. This was the most complained about aspect, that you had to keep reloading to get good modifiers. That’s going to be an even bigger problem if you’re gonna be randomly sticking people with stuff like “floor is lava,” which I feel is gonna get old super quickly…

Like I said though, the Mental Mars leak suggested this was possible and everything else has proven true, so maybe the guy on the show just forgot to explain that detail. It certainly didn’t sound like it though…

They look me dead in the eyes during FA, wtf is your luck stat at?:joy:

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Let’s include all skills. We’re just starting to scratch the surface of FL4K’s pets doing some damage in M4. If all that work is invalidated by another poorly thought out difficulty bloat, I’m gonna rip my hair out :angry:


I would expect all items would scale but the health bars would remain the same. If my impression of the last BL show is correct, Mayhem 2 at lvl 10 is way, way more challenging than the current Mayhem 4.

I am imagining at a minimum the weakest enemies are anointed ones with the randomness of Mayhem 3 mods except worst.

Shields need to be buffed considerably since hp will remain the same unless some scaling is done. But if things are scaled, won’t that make it less difficult?

Seriously, you have to hope that they thought of this and tested things for balance purposes while creating Mayhem 2.0 for the last 6 months, but their track record with this kind of stuff is not good. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt though just due to the fact that they have been buffing stuff the past few weeks.

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It´s gonna be OP-levels minus slag.

and minus a raid parkour to increase your level, i guess