A couple tweaks needed for El Dragon - longer 3rd person camera after a dive and Alani's bubble shouldn't be able to catch him when he is in mid air during it

I’m so sick of landing from a dive and having absolutely no clue where any of the players went to because everything is a mess of particle effects. Let the 3rd person view last a few seconds after landing and have it pull out a bit so you can get an actual grasp of the field.

Secondly, for as OP as Alani’s stupid “Here i am in the air plz insta kill me now” bubble is, it shouldn’t be able to snag Dragon out of the air when he happens to move over the ground it’s on during the part of his dive where he is in the air.

A lot of stuff can hit you out of the jump in the splash, I’ve been knocked out of it by a bunch of stuff inc Lumberjackdash and other various cc.

The problem with Alani’s is she can just about drop it on reaction and still get you.

I agree the FOV change is hard to deal with though, a lot of times I lose track of them and end up just spinning and clapping.

Disagree completely. Dropping geyser under him when he Dragon Splashes is great counter-play.


I have no issue with how the camera behaves during the splash, the only thing that throws me off slightly is the aim acceleration still happening during the animation, so if you begin the splash whilst holding the right stick in any direction you will land and have a massive spike in look sensitivity.

It’s kind of hard to explain but a veteran dragõn probably knows what I mean.

You’re misunderstanding. I’m talking about a pool that’s on the ground already, Dragon uses the splash and he become trapped while in the air. Not when he lands. Does the geyser actually trap characters when they are jumping over it when it erupts or do they have to be on the ground?

If a character gets hit by any part of the eruption animation then they are going to take the effect of the ability. Just the same as Orendi’s Shadowfire Pillar, if your character is in any part of the AoE when it goes boom, you take damage from it. Being on the ground or jumping or flying, if you get hit by the animation you’re going to deal with the consequences.

While I agree that some mobility abilities should make your character “unstoppable” (you can’t be crowd controlled while executing your ability) I don’t necessarily think that El Dragon’s bodyslam should be one of those abilities that makes you unstoppable (though causing his bodyslam while under the effect of his ult to make him unstoppable would be a great consideration).

What’s even better is when you get pulled out of it by Galilea and end up in their team because you were in the air. :joy:

Not certain, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.