A Cruel Mistress

First off I never played the originals as I was obsessed with Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome, which is still the best MP RTS ever made in my opinion. It’s amazing how we have ‘progressed’ from Random Map generators that test skill to set maps that test build orders and how quickly someone can move around a keyboard (yes I’m looking at you Starcraft).

The positives:-

I love the single player of the game.

I love the graphics.

I love the story

I love the music

I don’t like:-

The seeds that have been sown of the multiplayers destruction.

There are no random maps, so maps can be learnt. giving a

There needs to be greater hit damage as to which direction attacks are going in at, this could benefit planning or dexterity around a keyboard the former needs to be prioritised.

When the multiplayer is released we need to segregate those in the Beta from the new entrants.

Currently I have stuck with this as I love the concept despite it being very homogeneous and build order-able, but we will kill the community fast if we put the new entrants up against the pros.

Already I have been in games where a poor sap like me has been been added be with ‘for the love of’ the games guys and I thank those good players like Agronom and Nausicca for putting up with me, but we need to avoid mismatches when the real game starts

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Has this posted.

yes, it has.

STC has random maps, as do some others. A random map pack would not be out of the question

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You could go get the Aces map pack so you don’t have to download the more played custom maps.

Additionally if you are a new player then common sense should tell you the first thing you should do is set up or join a new player game.

I can’t tell you how many other games I’ve owned where I started in a noob game or hosted my own to make sure I wasn’t ruining someone else fun by bringing the skill level down on the side I was on. Why younger players today don’t seem to understand or even try to do this I will never know.

The other thing to do is mention you are new, ask for help, even ask to spectate in a game. Aces map pack has spectator maps just for that purpose. Ask and ye shall receive!


Welcome to Homeworld!
Enjoy your stay. This place may resemble Hotel California but don’t be afraid
We have a great community here that makes anything possible, plus if you don’t like something there’s always someone who can help you change it.

Ahhh a nice and civilized feedback for a change :slight_smile:

Welcome to HW. MP seems to be on its early stages, if you’re into rts give it some time (I have hope it will come around), and for the love of God play the classics, you won’t regret it.


Your right there! Homeworlds strong point is that you dont need to be insane with your clicking to play decent.