A culture of quitters

More of a rant than anything. I don’t know if anything can or will be done about this. But I’m getting tired of all of the quitting and surrenders. I can’t even get a good game in, let alone do any lore challenges that require players and Ults. I just played 5 games, only 2 to completion and none with all of the Battleborn that started the match. This has become a pervasive problem that is annoying at best, but usually frustrating as all hell. Is this what gaming has become? I don’t understand why people want to end an incursion match because your sentry has taken a few hits. I know sometimes you can tell when a match is futile, but when it’s reasonably close, why quit after only a few punches? Since when did games become all or nothing? Please validate my rant so I don’t feel like a crotchety old man.


Surrenders were a thorn in my side when I was trying to do Lore where you needed to be lvl 5+, like En Fuego or Core Discharge. I really don’t get it. People either want to surrender because they’ve personally died a ton even if the game’s close, because a sentry went down or took a lil damage, or when the game will be over in 30seconds anyways. It doesn’t make sense.

The only time I think surrender is reasonable is if it’s clear off the bat it’s a pubstomp team doing coordinated strikes against a pug, as I don’t see that as being sporting and people shouldn’t have to put up with it.


Ever since they accumulated kills and deaths under the career tab to be more notable. it seems surrenders and quitters have grown. specially since if you quit you are given a 0 on everything, practically nullifying any deaths you had.

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This problem is not unique to battleborn, just battleborn has done less to address it than other games

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I believe deaths and kills are still credited to a player’s personal record, even if the match shows them as 0 when they quit.

Now for an anecdote:

We had a Monuments game last night where we lost our sentry in record time. They had an Ernest spamming grenades over the wall, a Benedict bombarding lane with rockets, and a Shayne menacing lane with double Kid Ultra drones; our sentry went down while I was still level one, before thralls and shards were even available. Total carnage (“who says carnage?”)

We stood firm, assassinated the Ernest and Benedict, pushed the wave in that moment of opportunity, and routed them. We ended up taking down both their sentries and dominating them in score. A classic comeback match (and everyone had a green bar connection, which made it all the more satisfying.)

Had I not been playing with friends, however, someone would have definitely quit when the first sentry went down and it looked, superficially, like we were completely outmatched. Many players are not good at telling the difference between an inevitable loss and a moment of disadvantage. To expect to have winning momentum the entire game is unreasonable (that’s what a stomp is, after all), yet many players will quit when the tide turns, assuming there’s nothing but more pain coming.

Last night, even CR100s with respectable titles were quitting at the first hint of pressure. There is something especially telling (and risible) about Worthy of Song-bearers who quit or prematurely surrender because some Mellka is dominating them - we both know you’ve preyed on weaker players in the past, so take your damn lumps…

I don’t know what the answer is, though. I do see less quitters in Face Off and I suspect the rapid respawn timer and quick playtime has a lot to do with it. But you can’t just reduce respawn timers in Incursion or Meltdown without seriously damaging balance. :confused:


Some of it in Face Off could be how you can actually recover from getting dominated a little. In other game modes, you fall behind in levels and you are totally screwed. Worst offender for this is Capture (except maybe in Outback) where one team can very quickly get 2-3 levels above the other making it impossible to do anything. Meltdown/incursion have more mobs/buildables that can help someone recover and close the exp gap to be PVP competitive again, though it can be challenging and I suspect some people don’t really think about it. Face Off you can level like mad off of the Varelsi, so you can’t reach a point of hopelessness. If you’re not strong enough to face the enemy BB, farm masks. More play options when you’re in the dumps so you’re never out of the game. I can kinda understand Capture surrenders; Incursion/Meltdown/Face Off, not so much.

In all fairness, this has been around since release. I remember a few weeks after release, it felt like every third player had either Worthy of Song or Pentastrike. I also remember all of them being, well… Pretty bad, honestly. How they even got their titles is beyond me.
It was the same with the “Master of” titles. At first I was cautious, assuming they would be amazing. It was a disappointment almost every time.
The only way to be sure of who is good is to remember the name. With the low population on PC, this is not that difficult anymore.

As for why people quit? I blame lack of understanding.
They do not know when they can turn a game around. They do not know to focus minions. And they especially never understand when to retreat. And most people even show signs of not wanting to improve. And that last part is the saddest.


What annoys me the most is when surrender isn’t used for its main purpose, to just end the match when clearly, the chance of victory is lost. I’m talking pushed right back to the final sentry in incursion with almost everyone dead on long respawn timers. It’s surprising that even in completely hopeless situations, people won’t utilise the option and save time. I get that some people maybe just don’t want to give up, which is fine, but when a game is so hopeless and it’s obvious the opposing team were built to pub stomp, why keep at it? I’ve got many stories about situations like that…

Because it won’t save time.
And god damn I won’t go down without a fight, especially against pubstompers. I will not give them the easy win they are looking for.
One mistake from their healer, one miss step, and they all go down. Might not be enough to win but that is a satisfaction worth suffering for :stuck_out_tongue:


“I don’t know what the answer is, though.”

Simple: We string them up and whip the skin off of 'em.

…Or Gearbox could just take a page from some other games with this problem, and mark frequently surrendering player’s names with some sort of symbol or font color-change. That way, other players at least know that said marked players are prone to surrendering, and can leave the lobby before being paired with them; because having others KNOW you are a quitter is a HUGE deterrent for most.


Because saving a minute, two at most, and losing out on credits (the only thing left that I need in the game) isn’t worth it…

This, too!

As @HandsomeCam said, frequent surrender people should be marked for it.

I would love to know before I am stuck in a match where I JUST hit level 7 and our first Sentry dies because two players are down and here comes the surrender spam for the rest of the game. Usually after the first one fails the player then stands in spawn or incessantly feeds the enemy team in vengeance for his/her surrender failing.

Either way we are usually doomed to lose, not because the enemy team is better, but because the ONE guy decided to force us to lose.


Ooh, ooh, I love this one! Everyones only level 4, your team has 1-3 late game characters. “Let’s just surrender we can’t win”

:’)) MM binch let me get my ult and I’ll show you who can’t win


When people get annoyed at me as Boldur when they have to heal or protect me on occasion and I’m level 4


I had a similar match where I was still learning how to play Attikus; We lost our first sentry and there were 2 minutes left on the clock. Everyone was putting up as much fight as they had and we managed to take down their entire team, take down the first sentry, and damage the last sentry all within those 2 minutes. It was an extremely satisfying match (because of the comeback). I wonder if I can post the video here somewhere?


I’ve had this happen to me many times while pugging. We push and kill the first Sentry with a good bit of ease. Enemy team calls for surrender but it fails, so I continue killing minions and whatnot until less than 5 minutes are left.

All of the sudden our team goes two down, then three, then here comes three or four enemy BB charging me like a rhino with thralls, an elite bot and minions! I do what I can but they blast through the first Sentry and push to the back shard where they setup camp. Less than 3 minutes left now and the whole enemy team is magically united and stomp through the randoms on my team.

They leave the Sentry alone (mostly because one random and I keep on the minions hoping the few that keep dieing will eventually take over so we can push/backdoor), but eventually they get a few points of damage before clamping down and spawn camping. At this point I usually try to break and backdoor (to no avail), but I always get the one guy who I imagine is like, “Oh one got by, I’ll handle it,” and comes to get me. That usually turns into a fun 1v1! =D

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What’s a “binch”?
Urban Dictionary…
Aw sweet. Got a new insult…


No; you got a “socially acceptable” version of one of the least frowned-upon “curse-words”. I don’t even think it’s censored…
…bitch? Yep:


Bitch is not a curse word per se, it’s more of a gendered slur imo. Rude nonetheless and I’d rather not use it in any public setting. Especially if there are any women present.


Fair enough; i just view any word that i got slapped for as a kid as a “curse word”. Also applies to any word that i’ve seen censored, in my opinion.

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What’s the cat one?