A Curious Concerning "The Gunzerker"

This has ALWAYS bothered me. Yeah… it’s not a big deal, BUT, every Gunzerker Character I have, be it on Linux or on PS4, every time Salvadore exits ANY vehicle, he takes damage.

1: Has anyone else notice that fact?
2: WHY???

It’s mildly irritating, but to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t happen to any other character, just Salvadore.

Thank you for your time, drink a beer (Ale only, though) and have a great day!

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It’s likely you are using a Rough Rider on your zerker, no? I noticed this same thing on Krieg when wearing a RR.
My Gunzerkers usually use an Evolution and it doesn’t exhibit this type of behavior that I recall.

I think I’ve noticed that on all my vault hunters…now I am curious.

It’s a stat thing. For some reason, when you’re in a vehicle certain bonuses don’t apply so your max health drops. As soon as you get out, you get your full max health value back, but your actual health was adjusted as well so now the bar isn’t full.

Edit: are you wearing a shield that boosts max health by any chance?

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My primary mission with the gunzerker (at least under UVHM) is to get me an “Unkempt Harold” and a “Rough Rider”.

As has been noted, it is probably the Rough Rider that is causing this behavior.

So, that you for “pinning” it to the Rough RIder.