A Different Perspective On DLC4

So, there have been mixed feelings about this most recent DLC and about some of the characters revisted or introduced. One of them being “Dr Benedict”. People think this is Gearbox retconning Krieg’s past since it has been previously implied that Dr “Sammy” Samuels was the one involved in the experiments.

I would like to introduce the idea that maybe this character is a construction of Krieg’s mind and maybe not a literal person. Maybe this is Krieg reconstructing Dr Samuels as Dr Benedict because it is easier to see her as a mad scientist than someone being manipulated into doing horrible things.

During this DLC, Tannis says that whenever we recollect memories, our mind needs to reconstruct them, which can result in changing the details of the memory itself. What if Krieg did this with Samuels? Based on the DLC, you can see that it is easier for Krieg to see things as black and white (example: good and evil Brick, Mordecai, and Lilith literally being constructed as black and white with Krieg’s mind to deal with these relationships and understand them, if he should hate them or love them).

But maybe this is nothing and Gearbox did “retcon” some things (which is also debated because some think Samuels wasn’t part of Krieg’s transformation).

My main point is that nothing in this DLC should be taken at face value. There is probably a lot more to Krieg than what this DLC tells. I have mixed feelings about this because a part of me wanted to know everything about this character, who was my favorite from the whole Borderlands series. But I’m okay with not knowing everything about him because I liked that unknown aspect about him. And if you wanted this DLC to talk more about his past, I feel ya.

The more I think about this DLC, I am starting to think this is more about experiencing a mind of a psycho. Krieg was used because 1) He’s a psycho, 2) fan favorite, and thus, people caring about him, and 3) To give him some character development. If we went into the mind of some random psycho, we probably wouldn’t care as much about what would happen. In BL4, maybe Krieg’s past will be expanded upon by running into someone from his past (like his wife and child, which we briefly got a glimpse of). Guess time will tell.

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who is dr Samuel? seriously I don t even know :joy:

The doctor who did the Slag experiments, during Doctors Orders in BL2. You know the ones everybody ignores so they get 4 loot wee loaders to spawn…

I may not remember if Krieg had a Echo log at the start of the game? But as far as I remember we only ever got the confirmation that Krieg is the result of slag experiments but never that it was Dr. Samuels. I mean surely Hyperion had more researchers.

I think people are still confusing this from a time when we thought that Krieg was Tiny Tina’s father (which was debunked by Gearbox themselves years ago)

So people are either confusing this with the Fleshstick situation or I am seriously not remembering it.


This may help:

In Son of Crawmerax’s Victims of Vault Hunters DLC Krieg’s would be assassin’s and benefactor set up the confusion some people are having.

At this point Dr. Samuels is introduced into Krieg’s backstory

Id people think she was the one who mutated Krieg, they’re taking for granted this Wam Bam lore that establishes Krieg killed some researchers but others survived, including the would be assassin & Dr. Samuels (who is the most remorseful hyperion researcher we’ve seen so).

Besides Nakayama, there were five researchers left on Helios that all met chilly fates and one who survived. It’s fair to assume there were many many more, even if the tea party mound of flesh was exaggerated by psychosis.

That both Krieg & Tina having Tea Parties for the people responsible for their Trauma is an interesting, if not intentional reference.

I have a whole post on an interesting lore connection that can be made that I’m going to work on now…


Right, I totally forgot about all the echoes from Victims of the Vault Hunters, that quest is awesome!

Thanks for reminding me <3


I didn’t see too much evidence of slag experimentation in Benediction of Pain, so I’m inclined to believe that Samuels and Benedict were running entirely different operations. It looks more like DLC4 is retconning the slag experiment-psycho link.


That or first Benedict made Krieg a Psycho, then later they found a way to make him stronger (Release the Beast) via Slag?

If anything, Samuels was the sympathetic researcher, and might have made it her cause to help any survivors of Hyperion’s experiments once she had an opportunity to do so.

Here’s an extra dark spin on things:

The device in Tannis’s lab that is the link to open the DLC, what if that truly is Krieg’s brain inside of it, and Krieg was in the same sort of device as Vaughn’s second in command that was being tortured in VR by the COV? How his brain got separated from his body/ he met his end could be maybe too dark and really alienate fans. But, as far as tragedy and symmetry, it would make the ending we get all the more impactful.

Side Note: Typhon’s implied to have a Robot Body in the end credits, and Steele-Trp is canon so…

Honestly it really didn’t cross my mind that Benedict would be considered much of a retcon. Realistically, laboratories and wings of experimentation are broken up into departments. Samuels was slag experimentation, Benedict was… whatever the yellow gas was. He was creating psychos, but psychos weren’t the only thing Samuels had to use as subjects.

And I might be wrong, but it only said that Krieg snapped and killed Benedict. I don’t see any reason that he wasn’t just recaptured and transferred to Samuel’s department, since he proved to be an excellent warrior at that point.

OP’s interpretation is interesting, though. Krieg creating a personification of all the pain he went through due to Hyperion isn’t too far fetched. I personally still think Benedict was a real individual, but this take on it does spark some thought.