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I have been thinking alot about the new currency system and what it means for this game and its players, and I can understand why people who spent $80 dollars on this game already feel disgruntled. As somebody who hasn’t purchased the season pass(I intend to eventually) due to money being tight, i am not upset over this at all for a few reasons some of which are personal that wont affect alot of other players, some are about the way the gaming industry is at this point.

  1. I didn’t buy the season pass yet i honestly just don’t have an extra $20 right now. I have a pregnant wife and I’m the only one working right now and i dont have a very well paying job. Were barely making it week to week sometimes. So now i can buy the skins that i want and only the ones that i want and only spend but a couple of dollars, which is great for me right now.

  2. The season pass holders are still going to get their free taunts and skins, lets be honest GBX will probably give you guys the better skins when that time comes. My guess is you will get a few tier3 skins for free because you have the season pass,(hopefully i will to by that point) and there’s nothing wrong with that your still getting everything that was promised as season pass holders.

  3. Can we really expect the level of commitment and hard work put into this game that i see people on here expecting everyday if they have no new income coming in? No we can’t its just not how business works and that’s what GBX and 2k(which i despise) is doing is running a business. I know people don’t like it when the business side of things makes it way into our games but that’s the way it is now. Say you have a new player the easiest way to let them know that there is more stuff you can buy is put it right there where they can see it. I didn’t like this business model at first either but its the way it is now if were going to keep playing games we have to get used it. The only other option is subscription services and people like me wouldn’t be able to afford that.

I could go on but I’m at work and I have stuff I need to get done I’ve already spent to much time writing this lol


Good point. Thanks for showing the other side of this.

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The problem is that the way the season pass is worded leads people to believe they will be getting the skins and taunts for free (well the cost of the SP) as they come out. That was my assumption at least.

The other problem is the “DLC Packs” are very vague. The ONLY thing it specifies is that there will be 5 new heros. But it says nothing about the missions or how many there will be or when they will come out. Many people, myself included feel cheated because that was one of the perks of buying the SP/DDE. So now that that isn’t the case anymore, what did we actually buy? Well so far I’ve bought a 20$ Alani and nothing else, not even a memo of what is to come. The way I saw it before I bought the SP was that I would get 5 heros, 5 missions and all skins/taunts as they came out. But now the skins are out of the picture so what else? What constitutes a “DLC Pack”? Was Alani 1 pack? Are there only 4 left? because that would really irk me even more.

The other problem is shoveling out Microtransactions before even giving the SP holders their content or even a timeline as to what is going on! I have no problem with them charging money for skins, but I DO have a problem when the way it was worded sounded like we were supposed to get them free. Honestly they ought to just give the skins to SP/DDE holders and still have a pay store so the people that don’t want all the skins can buy only what they want.

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My wife and I don’t feel cheated in the slightest by the addition of the marketplace, mostly because we just assumed that the Season Pass content (which was explained as being 5 story missions with taunts and skins exclusive to those missions) did not include the tier 2 and 3 skins.

In fact I have never seen anything that ever suggested that tier 2 and 3 skins wouldn’t be for sale for real money in the future. I might be wrong in assuming this but it almost seems like people feel cheated by things that were never promised and feel lied to about information that had to be vague because of the developer/publisher relationship.

I was under the impression that for 80 dollars (digital deluxe edition) I would recieve 5 exclsuive skins and taunts, plus the golden skins, several loot packs, eventual 5 story missions with their own skins and taunts, and access to Hero Keys which would unlock the new heroes (or existing heroes) for free without the need for credits. I also assumed that, like with Borderlands 2 before it, that later skins and customization would be released in packs that would cost real money. I was never under the impression that Tier 2 skins would be found in Loot Packs. Because of what I assumed before hand everything that has happened is exactly what I thought was supposed to happen. I have everything but the 5 story missions, because they haven’t be released or teased yet, so I don’t feel slighted. The same goes for my wife, and really to the friends who have purchased this game since I started talking about it.

I know micro-transactions are a touchy subject, but I guess I fail to see what everyone is so dang angry about. This is exactly what was said was going to happen and then it happened. Plus the team that made this marketplace is not the same team doing bug fixes or balance changes so it REALLY DOESN’T take away from people working on that. This was closer to being finished so they want to release it. They do have time tables they can’t tell us about, but they also have to release what they get finished regardless of if we think it is the right choice or not. The developer develops the game but doesn’t decide what gets released at what time. They also can’t talk as freely as we’d hope they can. And even when they do it doesn’t seem like enough.

That’s my take on this.


The dlc packs weren’t vague. There would be 5 story operations and exclusive skins and taunts related to these missions. The 5 new heroes were never part of the season pass but the Hero Keys were. People without the season pass still have access to Alani and so forth. So the skins and taunts with the season pass haven’t been released yet and are not what is showing up in the marketplace.


You will still get what you were promised for free. They always said there would be micro transactions for cosmetic items(skins) the dlc packs are 5 story missions with their own taunts and skins that’s what you will have access to. The characters are free for everybody the difference is you will get early access to them when they are still a little unbalanced and OP(see the first week of alani it was bad lol)


Meanwhile pc population is at 400, it will be 200+/- at the end of june… I bet this cash shop will bring in a lot more players

What I mean is that I don’t care if there’ll be a cash shop, I bought game+sp but whatever, I’ll just get what I’ll get… the problem is that you add a cash shop if the game is doing well, not if the game is dying, this seems to me more of a last try of grabbing money than any kind of improvement to the game.
Add a cash shop and make the game f2p goddamit

Actually from what I’ve seen the PC population isn’t getting any worse its kinda stayed right were its at for about 2 weeks now…however I’m on ps4 and its fine there there’s always plenty of people playing and the f2p people on ps4 are awful I hoe they don’t do that


Oh, it’s doing pretty well on consoles. Turns out, gaming doesn’t only happen on PC…


the playerbase on pc halved since june 1st, so 2 exact weeks, from 2200 to 1k at peak times, you can check out yourself

And Volume, so you’re saying that all pc players should go ■■■■ themselves… I mean, I do understand why you’d say it, after all it’s what 2k is thinking right now, but still kind of selfish.
Btw you don’t have any proof that the game is doing well on consoles and I’ve seen many threads saying that the queue times are long on consoles too, but whatever, it’s just speculation I guess.

When people complain about queue times on console its either A. They are playing in a region without a whole lot of player it happens with every game or B. We are kinda spoiled in the fact that if we have to wait 5 min we get upset bc there’s always enough people on to find a game on ps4

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I can confirm that PS4 queues are incredibly long in Australia - even on weekends, it’s roughly 15 minutes for Incursion, 30+ minutes for Meltdown, and I haven’t managed to get into Capture for five days running now. But there’s not much that Gearbox can do about that (at this stage, anyway), so it doesn’t really factor into the discussion.

It’s kinda funny because I initially thought I’d be happier with fewer games but better latency… now I’d be happy with plenty of games and a red bar every time! :wink:

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Having regional matchmaking was a stupid move to begin with and they should’ve changed it asap, but they didn’t care about those who can’t find any game (and I’m talking consoles) so they just left them there, they got the game money anyway, so why would they care.

5 minutes in queue is not a game that’s doing good tbh, Paragon is in closed early access, only those who preordered the game can play and my wait time varies from istant join to 2 minutes of queue… closed early access… still I don’t play on consoles so it’s not my problem.

I play on pc and I changed my review from positive to negative, adding a cash shop at this state of things is a really, REALLY, bad move and will just make more people leave (and after defending the game for so long it feels like a joke)… if the cash shop was followed by another big announcement (like going f2p or a loooong free trial week or something like that) then I could’ve stood that, but the cash shop alone screams “GIVE ME MONEY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!”

Longest I’ve ever waited for a game on ps4 is 30 mins and that’s not common, its rare. Some days its ultra rare. Yesterday (not counting the resets because people dropped out of matchmaking) my wife and I waited 3 to 7 minutes for a match. It felt like longer because people kept dropping, but it has never been insanely long.

However it sucks about the PC users. Not sure what can help bring the players in to fix those issues.

They were always planning a cash shop. They have never been vague about that. Why are people so bent out of shape by something they said was going to happen?

Also closed early access wait times will always be different. Once Paragon launches we will see what the wait times become. Right now is not a clear indication of the future.

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again… I’m not complaining about the cash shop (I am actually, but not that much, I can pay for shit so whatever)
it’s the timing of the cash shop release that makes me mad, the game is DEAD on pc, so how would a cash shop improve anything? And, again, you add a cash shop when a game is doing well, the game is NOT doing well, even on consoles, this is just a cash grab before closing the coffin.

I’ve never seen a game die after adding a cash shop. I’ve never seen a game die before. I’ve seen people claiming certain games are dead, but those games sill have people playing them and enjoying them. This game will not die. Gearbox wont abandon it even if a lot of people will.


This was always the plan though its not like this is a last ditch effort to squeeze money out of us they’re just sticking to the plan no matter what which isn’t a bad thing. As far as the PC population they need to do something n my guess is a steam sell later this month. …and the game is not dead on any platform yea the PC has lower player levels and I’m sure they are aware of the situation and are trying to figure something out that 2k will agree to…you know what I get your upset over this I do but your acting like this is the end of the game when its not but you have your opinion and you have every right to them but the fact is MOST players will not care about this

Look at Anarchy Reigns, Borderlands 1 and The Pre-Sequel, People still play them yet others shout on about how dead they are.

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this is really pointless and I can see why 2k are doing this… because some people will agree with them no matter what.