A different way to Axton?

I’m looking at the possibility of using a skill build with Nuke + Gemini, with this kind of distribution:


Gear I’m envisioning with it:
Legendary Soldier
Magic Missile x4 as main grenade
Bone of the Ancients

Beyond that, it would be whatever.

The basic idea would be to lead with slag grenades or launchers, then throw down turrets and go nuts with guns.

Have any of you tried this type of build?

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Other than Last Ditch Effort, those are all skills that I use with Axton (and there’s nothing wrong with LDE, it’s just not my thing). I have tried this build, but I’m way too enamored with Double Up for the slag source to be able to part with it for too long. If you’re not playing in UVHM, it may not be as big a deal; if you are playing in UVHM and you part with Double Up, you have my admiration as a Commando.

However, double Nuke turrets is quite fun. I think people may have an unrealistic expectation that Nuke should flatten everything within it’s blast radius (and maybe that is how it was actually supposed to be), but you can really toss enemies around with it regardless, and it definitely stuns them for a strategic advantage. In Digistruct Peak, I regularly used Nuke to push enemies off cliff edges (this took some practice to get down; maybe you’ve got the chops to get it down right off the bat, but it took a couple of days for me). Also, if you’ve got a big 'ol enemy on your tail, and you want to put him into a specific location, two Nuke drops lets you bounce him fairly adeptly. With two of them and full points in Resourceful, you can recall your turrets right after deploying them and triggering Nuke to drop them again fairly quickly.

If you can live without the slag, I think this build will be quite fun.

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@CoonTail ran with the double up nukes, just slagged wtih nades and guns, he would toss 2 turrets, pick them up and cool down quick and toss again. Kinda used them like unlimited grenades.

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Thanks for the replies. The idea kind of hit me on break at work, so I haven’t had time to try it out, yet. I default to Magic Missiles as my equipped grenade as a matter of habit, swapping to and from others. I also keep a Grog or slag Pimpernel equipped at all times (and always carry both), so slagging is easy. Having 10/5 buff to weapon swap speed doesn’t hurt, either. May even try a Florentine, or finally farm up an OP8 Slagga.

If I get a chance to play tomorrow, I may try this in the Peak tomorrow.

I recommend you getting a good slag weapon and use quasars for your grenade. So you can use that to make his nuke a bit more effective.

Slag a few guys, toss a quasar, toss out your first nuke where the quasar is, toss the quaser again so it pulls the baddies in…finish them off with the second nuke. Then proceed to loot their bodies for ammo.

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I think that would work if the bad guys stay relatively close to each other while I gun-slag, since I would need them to be within Quasar pull distance to group them. Some examples off the top of my head: Black Queens, Bone Heads, Doc Mercy + Constructor, Scorches. Those should all be groupable with Quasars on a consistent basis. The Assassins would probably be too squirrely, I think.

Actually, I think it could be strong in a number of areas in the Peak.

I like Grit over LDE as I prefer to avoid FFL (if I could I’d take them both but I’m not running a Pointman build). Aside from that, looks good… :sunglasses:

I had a chance to play this morning, so I gave this a shot. Instead of doing what I’d usually do to break in a build, I dove straight into an OP8 Peak run. This took place as I participated in a conference call including 2 districts for work. Here are some basic takeaways:

  • I didn’t feel the loss of Double Up until I got to the Black Queens. In that area and against the Assassins, I really noticed it. Initial application of slag didn’t bother me at all on the run. I use MMs a lot, anyway. Where I noticed it was when I had multiple enemies on the field at once and wanted to reapply slag. Doing that meant a let-up in damage output. I may need to move a slag Bouncing Biddy to my Axton, or go grab a slag Crossfire.

  • It was awesome having the stun effect against Dukino’s Mom and the Scorches, and against Rabid skags.

  • running a Double Up + Gemini build as a go-to, it is easy to forget how awesome it feels to have beefy grenade damage for your Harold, Plasma Casters, and grenades. WOW. That was fun!

Ultimately, I crapped out against the Assassins when I made a terrible read on the spawn and jumped behind the pipe. Instead of turrets, I found myself with all 4 Assassins jumping around and throwing grenades at the pipe. Horrible mistake on my part. The build was working great, and I know the run well enough to know that I’d have had a clean finish if I hadn’t blown it in the Assassin room.

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Well, I have now completed an OP8 run in the Peak with this build. As expected, the Assassin room seems to be the make-or-break stage. Here are more takeaways:

  • The build looooooves the Legendary Engineer. 10/5 Battlefront is always up, providing grenade boost on top of Steady and Impact. While the build heavily leans on MMs for slagging, those boosts make for crazy Harold and PC work, so it still benefits heavily from the grenade love.

  • going into FFYL is a no-no without Double Up or Legendary Soldier. This was a head slap moment from my first OP8 Peak attempt with it. You want to either have the crazy swap speed or turret slag.

  • using MMs as a go-to means never worrying about grenade count, and I didn’t miss the 4/5 I usually have in Grenadier with my Double Up + Gemini build.

All in all, it was a fun change of pace. There was enough difference from a DU + Gemini build to notice, but enough similarity to quickly adapt.