A Discord server for finding raid groups - Raid HQ!

The ingame matchmaker is great and all, but I thought an external option might also be needed for finding likeminded, more reliable groups to take on the takedown with.

Introducing: Raid HQ! A discord server designed to be an area for people to easily put together a group and run the takedown, rather than sitting in a long matchmaking process where two people leave before the raid starts and the only other one left is AFK.

Find groups, enjoy specified group VCs, submit trade requests, or even just hang out in discussion channels and chat about the game, or anything else!

This server is still a bit of a work in progress, but I believe it to be in a state where it’s ready for use. I accept suggestions on how to make it better, and am always looking to improve. The only thing missing is users!

Join here and takedown those Maliwan bastards!

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There’s a pretty active BL3 Discord at https://discord.gg/borderlands too.