A discounted game? Pricier skins? Omg! *Grumble Grumble*

Then don’t buy them. Simple enough … if you’re not interested at that price, then guess what? They’re not for you.

As for the complaints about the platinum pricing versus individual transactions … there’s a reason there. They recently increased the number of bank slots and gear loadouts we could buy. I bought $10 of plat and it paid for all my new gear and bank slots … and I’ve still got plenty left over to get 3 taunts (or 4? I forget exactly what I have left.) I haven’t decided who I want them for yet as not everyone has a platinum taunt, and a lot of characters have great taunts you can get from loot packs (which is where my credits all went, and why I didn’t want to spend my credits on bank slots and gear loadouts.)

If each skin or taunt (or even a set of skins/taunts) were a DLC, I’d have to stop buying loot packs to get those loadouts and bank pages. I for one am glad I didn’t have to.

I believe if this argument would be repeated 10 million times people eventually begin to suspect it doesn’t really work. So, uhm, anyone counted?

@BenHoliday The problem is, people have taken that advice onboard long before you made your announcement. That along with other issues is why people aren’t purchasing the game never mind the fluff.

As i said in my other post, there are many people with more cash in their banks than they know what to do with it, and if I had the smarts to make this type of fluff, I’d be fleecing you lot too.

My issues are not that there are micro transactions, but the fact that I supported the game with pre-order, DD, season pass etc. Shortly after, the game drops drastically in price (this is fine) and is sold in conjunction with better skins, skins I would have to spend even more money on. The humble bundle players got the game for $15 and they have better skins than I do. I have spent enough money on the game, but because I supported Gearbox early, I get less plain and simple. I like the skins, I want the new skins, but I would feel like a chump for paying more money to get them after everything I have already invested into the game. People who bought early and paid the premium prices should be credited the difference in platinum


You have gotten to play the game much longer, but otherwise, I think that’s fair. This is why I think they should have thrown some platinum to early adopters. While some people still wouldn’t like microtransactions, if they had said, “hey guys, we really appreciate the support you have given us so far, here’s 2000 platinum for you” I think most people would have been praising how awesome Gearbox is.



I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist because that sounded totally like something Trump would say. “If you can’t afford it, then it obviously isn’t for you” lmao
I’m glad for everybody who doesn’t have to justify every penny they spend, but for some 2-5€ for virtual goods is a lot. Sure, they aren’t needed but big news… People would still like to have things even if these things are out of their price range. That’s why I don’t understand capitalism… Why make things expensive, when you could make them cheaper and probably reach a wider audience?

So yeah, an option to farm for premium currency would be much appreciated by the people who can’t spend as much. They might still spend a few bucks… I would, as I see farming for premium currency more as an earned discount rather than getting things completely free. I never buy stuff at full price because I simply can’t.


While I don’t think Gearbox should be sending people $40-$60 of platinum simply because they lowered the cost of their game, I do think your point makes sense. Recall that they did do something similar with the “gold” skins, but perhaps they could release a newer line of skins/taunts that cost platinum for the masses but are given or discounted to premium purchases. Or maybe a system where Season Pass holders get skins/taunts at a discount. Maybe these ideas could be toyed with, but in general, the essence of rewarding people who spent a ton of money is probably something Gearbox could work with.

But yes, the thing people keep missing is that skins and taunts are hardly required purchases.

Why doesn’t that argument work? How exactly is Gearbox hurting you by charging more for an optional, visual-only modification? It doesn’t impact game-play in any way. Perhaps it makes you look “cool” as a rare player who has it or brings a smile to your face a few times when you see or use it, but to be honest, I’m much more impressed by the skins and taunts that are earned or random pack rewards, since you can’t just go and buy them all with daddy’s credit card. How, exactly, is having more disposable income more desirable (in this setting) than earning a reward through skill or dedication? I just don’t see it.

It’s a game. Have fun. If you have a few bucks, and wanna see Kleese’s brain, go for it. But don’t feel slighted if you don’t want to buy Kleese’s brain revealer. If anything - you’ll get to see it more often than the people that bought it. It’s a first-person shooter, after all :slight_smile:

For all those complaining - what would your solution be? Just saying that “Gearbox sux” or “they shoulda made more money with how much this game cost me!!” doesn’t help anyone. Trust me when I say that Gearbox would rather be selling this game at $50 and they would have rather sold more copies initially. I guarantee you they would rather give away skins and taunts if they could. But they can’t. There’s obviously a problem, and just making platinum-purchased stuff less expensive is not going to solve that problem. You and a few people might get more taunts, but what will it matter when the servers are shut off?

If you’ve got a solution, great. But just complaining is, frankly, immature, and we can’t go back and change the past now - we’ve got to deal with the current situation. If Gearbox can’t keep the lights on, we can’t play. There needs to be give and take on both sides of the equation. I’m sure that if you’ve got a miracle idea that will keep Gearbox financially viable while being able to provide cheaper taunts and skins, they’ll be interested in hearing it.

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the idea that selling a discounted game and offering free exclusive incentives to bait late adopters to spend early adopter money through microtransactions sounds like a f2p scam. And precisely because it isn’t in the interest of the committed player, because contrary to the op, the committed player shouldn’t be matched with the fresh face. You think a lvl 1 rocking kleeses brain makes me want to buy it? If so, you’re marketing is manipulative and sketchy af. No, rewarding experienced players with the flashiness I believe would drive your sales better and maintain longevity with your early adopters. The best example of the whack state of battleborn is gold skins. These were pitched as exclusive symbols for the passionate supporters of this new project from a beloved company; and they’ve turned Into something short of click bait. The crazy part is people’s thinking a discounted game so short after release means it’s struggling. I tend to disagree. Save your steam stats because I believe you only discount your game if you’ve made the money you’ve expected to make, and now you just want to make more. But sacrificing, scoffing at the monetary integrity of your prior supporters is shady and sleezy. To say I expected anything else would be a lie, but to see it take form through others displeasure disheartens even the most hopeful.

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How is what they are doing a scam?

What you’re implying, is that people are paying for a skin/taunt and not getting what they paid for. This isn’t happening, so it isn’t a scam.

What IS happening though, is people are disappointed with the product they’re being offered for the asking price.

We need to tell GBX we aren’t happy with what we’re being offered, so they can change that in the future, not sit here calling them scam artists or whatever.


Because the amount of discussion around MTs in general and MTs in BB particularly clearly shows that the problem is miles away from being simple. And simple answers to complicated problems are almost always wrong, though very attractive and thus popular.

When a person goes with “just don’t buy it” argument it actually means that person admits to refuse to understand both sides of the problem and just wants to silence his opponents.

Immature is demanding a solution from people who don’t have all the required information to base the solution on and/or the required qualification to propose it.

It doesn’t impact game-play but it does impact the game.


I would honestly say it’s more of combination between an opinion and common sense. If you’re not happy with something, then you don’t buy it. As to why you don’t buy it is subjective.

The thing we need to do is explain the WHY part clearly, but a lot of the comments about this seem to devolve to calling GBX and/or 2K scam artists, which isn’t helping either one solve the problem.


Ok I just wanted to throw in… Did you guys realize that the Keeper of the Blade taunt of Rath is like 10 times funnier with the new skin? I honestly just realized that and I was laughing my ass off for a solid five minutes.
It almost made me throw my principles (and money problems) overboard and buy the skin… But only almost haha


That common sense is so common and obvious it makes no sense to even say it - it neither explains nor helps to solve anything. But it pretty always has a sub-text of something like “AND you shouldn’t complain” - and that is the actual meaning of that argument.

Nothing is helping at this time. The WHY part was explained hundred times in previous threads and I think everyone who was willing to understand it already did it. Everything else on solving this problem is not on players’ side any more, I suppose.

I’ve said it before i’ll say it again.
I payed 70$ fallout 4 and i have 111 hours in it.

I currently have 400+ hours in Battleborn, it’s MORE than lived up to its value. *3*

And again, in reguards to the new skins for sale, an I agree with TotalBiscuit on this when he says paying for skins and bonus colors on your character doesn’t matter.
Idk why im hearing people complain that ‘BATTLEBORN IS PAY TO WIN NOW’, no it’s not you’re stupid =3=
No one gets some kind of Attack damage or Speed boost because of skins, if they DID that’d be pay to win, but as is they’re just colors you can put on your character >3>

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I haven’t seen anyone say that, at least in this thread. That is not what the discussion is about.

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There is no place on these forums for “Making fun of people”

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I was pretty ontopic until i was told “This thread has nothign to do with people complaining about skins” *3*
…which is pretty false =3=

To clarify, I said that no one is talking about “Pay to win skins” in this thread.

Even if I did say something false, there is no reason for insults.
In the future you can politely correct me if you think I am saying something untrue.