A discussion about the vaults

Okay so I’ve played through the story five times now and I’ve completed all the side quests…and vaults have me more confused than ever.

Before, I understood it that they contained treasures and that vault hunters searched for their contents. For weapons, power, wealth etc.

And in 3, we’re told that Promethea, Pandora, Athena and Nekro keys were used for the big machine yadda yadda and that pandora itself is a great vault with Elpis as the key.

Now that’s a cool idea…except now I’m confused as to what the point is for any other vault. The vault after you beat Tyreen for example…why did that appear? Because Tyreen was opening the great vault - Pandora itself…so why the heck did this gate appear?

And they needed four keys for the big machine - to stop the great vault from opening. I guess it was lucky they got the right vaults hm? And I know that the Pandora vault key left a breadcrumb trail but…it just feels far too convenient.

So if the Eridians made these four vaults to store the tools needed to protect the great vault…then what’s the point in all the other vaults?

And what about the vault on Elpis?

I’m not the brightest person so maybe it’s just going over my head. But all these vaults on top of vaults and vaults on vault keys to open a bigger vault…it just felt really messy to me. I think I preferred the idea of all these vaults containing Eridian secrets. I don’t like them all being connected the way that they are now - it was like a pirate treasure hunt before.

Also - if Elpis is a vault Key and it got phaselocked, cracked even more and then had a siren slam herself and her emblem into its entire surface…what about the people that lived on it?

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yeah I agree the Vault story isn’t explored that well and raises more questions than gives answers. I also think the fact that the Vaults contain regular weapons chests is also a bit jarring and seems a bit lazy.

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The guardians of each vault were cool at least. But they didn’t give that same vibe as The Warrior. He would suck into Lava and throw projectiles at you, constantly moving. The guardians felt strange for me.

The immortal phases I felt were a bit unnecessary and grave ward…well he’s considered the easiest boss in the entire game. Which is sad really as his design is awesome.

Id suggest finding the eridian slabs . They provide a lot more context. I believe one of them mentions that the vaults were purposefully build to intrigue people to enter with false hope of treasure. I think this was to feed the monsters…? Someone will correct me if im wrong.

To counter my own point here, this seems like a minor version of Destiny’s story telling failure. No story in campaign and up to the player to seek out a story in pieces.

I do agree that the vaults started to become trivial.
From"finally, the vault! This is it!"
To “another vault. Okay, whats in this one…”
Especially the last one. Tyreen with the power of 2 sirens and a vault monster (and countless humans?) Merging with the biggest vault monster of all. Thought i was in for a hell of a fight and reward.

I guess the phaselocking and moving of the moon already killed pretty much everyone? Plus it was better to prevent the moon hitting pandora.

There’s even the vault of the Traveller from Tales.
Yeah, I’ve also played through the story like five times and I always lose track of which key is what.

I think Eridians just had relatively easy access to warpgate technology that leads into handy-dandy pocket dimensions, and used it for all sorts of things. Storing data (Elpis), weaponry (Traveller), maps (Pandora warrior) batteries for imprisoning the destroyer (Promethea, Eden-6, Nekrotafeyo, Pandora)… maybe there’s one out there that’s just a toilet. Dumb humans come along and tell all kinds of myths about them, and here we are.

What still confuses me is when they refer to “the” pandora vault. Which one, man? The one at the end of BL1? The one from BL2?

The eridians’ motivations and plans are also kind of foggy. They seem to have wanted to cover their tracks, and placed guardians and epic monsters to protect every vault. Yet they also left maps and libraries and stuff. I guess in case someone tries to free the Destroyer? But the Calypsos, who actually did this, used the exact same vault monsters that were supposed to prevent the destroyer from being freed, to free the destroyer. So why build them in the first place?
Or maybe the eridians weren’t counting on a leech siren turning evil?
Or maybe they were worried about someone freeing the destroyer by some other means? But if that were the case, it sure would come in handy for whoever is trying to stop the destroyer’s escape if they didn’t have to fight 10-storey stone beasts to get at the imprisoning machine, for christ’s sake.
I guess the machine had to be guarded so us dumb apes wouldn’t tamper with it or disassemble it, and it would work when needed. I dunno man I’m probably thinking too much about it.

I’ve completed the games and collected everything. But it still feels incredibly messy to me. Because the machine killed all the eridians right? In order for it to seal the destroyer, it took their lives…but then how did vaults come to exist on Pandora - which is a vault - and on Elpis - the vault key? Maybe I missed that detail but it just seems…really messy.

From my understanding, the vaults contained ‘treasure’. There was knowledge from the vault on Elpis, there was the warrior from Pandora…who knows what from the other vault that Rhys opened. But all the vaults we opened in 3 seem trivial compared to them. Something to break eridium (even though Jack already found out how to mine it for profit), the ability to use relics? They seem completely less epic than the other vaults.

And I think that’s my issue with it. Before we knew the jist of what vaults were but they’ve had such mystery. In 3, for me at least, I can’t help but feel like they’re not that great anymore. That the whole game of 2 (of all the games) where opening a single vault is a mammoth event is just shrugged off and we’re left asking why? And honestly…I don’t feel any achievement. With any of this game. No end goal and it all just happens conveniently :frowning:

Find and interpret all 30 eridian slabs. To truly understand the vaults, listen to the vaults creator tell the story.

Quickly starts cranking up my “Echoes and collectibles are bad devices for important storyline stuff” machine again.

My main concern with Borderlands’s storyline is that it seems to be falling into a huge web of retcons and confusing Ancient Aliens lore. Remember in the first game how no one knew if Vaults actually existed? Now Tannis has actually been a life long fan of Typhon Deleon, the famous guy who everyone knows opened the first Vault on Promethea!

Something like the huge dislike of Ava can be fixed with some character tweaking and growth over time. The siren and Vault stuff is getting very tangled and may be on the way to being a permanent problem.


Yeah that jarred a bit with me, too. We go from BL1 where even confirming whether the Vaults actually exist takes up much of the game, to BL2 where everything builds to the Vault opening, to BL3 where opening them is a bit of a walk in the park. But to be fair when BL3 comes around we have a map detailing all the Vaults, so the exploration aspect is a bit redundant anyway


Good point!

I believe it was known Dahl found the first one. Got rich off the contents and started looking for more on the border worlds. Starting with Pandora, but that went to hell due to Atlas.

Typhon is the explanation on how he found the first Vault. And how he found more, but kept them a secret. Which is why they were never brought up before.

But then Lilith got the map.

I’m pretty sure the original story was that Atlas found Eridian tech on Promethea and incorporated it into their weapons, which was why Dahl came looking on other border planets like Pandora.


As I’ve already said I’ve collected them all. It still doesn’t stop it being ruining vaults for me. It cheapens them imo.

Typhon, as much as I liked his character other than the continuous turd jokes and bringing up of ‘yeah I banged my wife’, is praised as being the first vault hunter and for opening a vault. And that people came to him as the expert…but like you said, BL1 had us unsure as to whether they were even real. They were mysterious - like a treasure hunt! But Typhon puts a spanner in all this because BL1 and BL3 isn’t that big of a gap in terms of how long it had been. And Typhon has aged a lot - he did all these things over the years, settled down and had a baby and then his children grew up and flew the coop.

So did he open one and no one believed him? It was just a story? Or did they just forget that vaults were actually meant to be rare and mysterious.

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