A Discussion on Leveling

I haven’t been able to play myself but I’m hearing the One Shot has a new level scaling. 35 levels with Skill Points per level starting at level 2. This is a big difference compared to 72 Levels and skill points starting at 3 or 5.

For the people that played the One Shot how did it feel? Do you think this is going to be how leveling works in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland?

I honestly feel like this is a better way to approach leveling. I come from old school JRPG’s where you could level all the way to 99 (or 9999 In some NIS games). Most of the time you only needed to hit about 40-60 to finish the game comfortable. Being that borderland core gameplay loop heavily involves the skill tree I think having to level up 70+ times just to get a full picture of your character at it’s peak potential is a bit much. I do understand though that you typically only need to hit the 30’s in previous games to max out an entire skill tree.

35 levels seems a lot more viable in the long term when comes to multiple replays on fresh charactes.


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I haven’t played the One Shot, mostly because I already have The Handsome Collection (as do, I expect, most people on here), but I wouldn’t be against them moving forwards with this kind of scaling. They would need to put in a lot more endgame content than BL3 has though. If, however, there were 7 Takedowns, 5 Slaughter maps and 10 Raid Bosses then this could work.

Feels good - played it as the DLC for BL2 incessantly and I don’t really like leveling up, so leveling up faster in this re-play is nice (I’d rather park at end game with all my skills than play the game without them).

Have no idea - I don’t think so. I think it’s accelerated in One Shot because it’s a re-release of existing content, presumably meant to foster some engagement before the actual release.