A disgusting ammount of crashing and freezing

(PC - Steam)
I’d like to say “i’ve had enough, i quit” but im having way too much fun to just call quits after crashing 10 times this week. (and by this week, i mean 3 DAYS.)

Randomly when playing, the game freezes. For no logical reason, each time is a different situation.
Crashes can happen while fighting using elemental damage, or causing explosions, and my favorite: just walking at the start of a map without any enemies on sight.

Since this is so random, i can’t pinpoint the cause. Happens both with mayhem modifiers, and with mayhem disabled. And there are some crashing hot spots, like wick and worty.
Other times, it seems its the quasar grenade causing it.
The biggest offender is my cryo boom sickle, which often crashes the game after 2 or 3 shots.
Its almost like the game cant process the combination of multiple particles or elemental effects at once.

And this is just FREEZING. Other times the computer straight up shuts down and reboots on my freakin’ face. Although last time it did, today, i noticed that i lost connection to the internet, the wifi had shut down. Is it possible that losing connection is making the shift account have a heart attack and crash my computer?

Also, the worst part about freezing, is that i can’t do nothing about it. BL3 takes “priority” as a window and i cant see anything behind it, no task manager, no alt f4 either, nothing. I either reboot the PC, or a workaround, press Windows and choose “end session” to make a quick user reboot.
And of course, freezing like this doesnt allow me to send a report back to gearbox after crashing, so there’s no way they can check whats wrong anyway.

Can someone PLEASE shed some light on this problem? I have had these crashes since launch day and im super fed up with it.

Here’s some pictures i took of freezing games, in case you want to see just what was happening on freeze.


These are all frozen games, yes.

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Shutdowns and reboots sounds like a hardware issue. BL3 hanging sounds like a normal day. You might want to stress test your system and see if it shuts down.

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Weirdest crash I had was loading to the main menu when save/quitting. Second the main menu appeared crashed before I even had a chance to close game.

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Welp. Today i tried to play again. Farming killavolt, is just fine. But im tired of it so i went to the slaughters shaft.

Guess what?
I can’t make it past the 1st wave.
Here’s 2 pics i took of the crashes:

Crash Pics

Atleast i found out if i play in borderless window mode, i can still open the task manager to force the shutdown. But yknow. Closing the game and rebooting it is not the kinda solution im looking for, specially knowing its gonna happen again.

All i want to do right now is do some circle of slaughter, but how can i go through 30 minuts of that without crashing? If i do so, it counts as a total failure. It’s giving me the depressos.

And about PC and performance, i didnt make any test but here’s what i can say:

I have fought Wotan at his hardest. And the takedown itself. I’ve been surrounded by krakens, valkiries, and bombarded with elements. The screen was a MESS, the noise deafening, the explosions flashy.
And i didnt crash.


You might want to check your CPU & GPU thermals, any games that hard crashes and require a reboot, its usually due to either overheating, bad drivers or hardware issues. Whats your cpu and gou?

Intel core 15-4670K, 3.40GHz and NVidia GeForce GTX 1070

But like omfg, seriously, how can my pc handle wotan at his worst but still crashes to 1 badass, OR THE WORST CRASH EVER, just standing at the gate of the eridian takedown!!
Im no PC expert, not even user level, but just, COME ON! This is ridiculous!