A DLC with Vladof and Tediore

Yea, I get you. I actually don’t see them in THAT roll tbh. (Sry Tediore, lol)
I think a DLC could do them justice already xD
And I think that Vladof needs some punishment for being rude to my little Moze ;(

lol yeah but don’t they own the digistuct tech though I mean they are the guys who first made it then licensed out the ability to use it to others? Seems like they are more advanced than people give them credit for its why I see them as capable of being a big bad that and we know almost nothing about them alot of chances to make them big and dangerous

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I just don’t see them being that evil. I’d imagine teaming up with them to beat Vladof. ^^
Iron bear badasses o.o

yeah I just feel it’s not like they are evil more they go bad due to being sick of being underestimated and looked down on I kinda see them as the underdog that snaps and becomes a danger lol

But I think that’s more of an insider and “talking”. Not like actually influencing the leading positions of that company. They are in war with Vladof for some reason but I don’t think they give a crab about what Katagawa was talking or what people think of their gimmicky weapons. That’s nothing to drive a serious story

yeah true just seems like Jack hyperion rhease atlas katagawa maliwan make fun of them the only one that doesn’t seems to be torgue lol I have fantasy hopes for the underdog tediore lol edit: to much anime I guess lol

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We’ve had all the others? Well, I haven’t played 1 and Tales, but as far as I know…

Atlas - BL1, BL3
Dahl - Fight for Sanctuary
Hyperion - Handsome Jack, 2 and TPS
Jakobs - BL3
Maliwan - BL3
Tediore - nope
Torgue - BL2
Vladof - nope

Yeah, that’d do it. Tediore and Vladof are, apparently, the bottom of the barrel…

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I remember this being brought up before, and I like the idea that we’d have to help in a revolution either against or for Vladof, but in the end, everything is the same as it was before: oppression and propaganda. Could be a very gritty, industrialized world. I, of course, would like to see this.


Dahl is kinda present everywhere. Just in the recent DLC there was again an old Dahl ship. Moze is the only thing besides gear that we ever saw from Vladof and Tediore nothing else

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Tediore and Vladoff are to occupied feuding over which one will manage to make you chew amno the fastest

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That sounds pretty cool. I love that idea. Maybe it could start with you being recruited by Vladof for a mission and their base is very Russian/KGB/Cold War-esque but then it turns out they’re the bad guys and you have to join a resistance against them. Of course, this could all be a bit on the nose and be marginally politically controversial, so maybe not.

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One opportunity, if they could not commit to a full DLC, might be to explore one of these manufacturers through a Takedown.

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Idk if a takedown works without a story.
Maliwan was pretty much introduced through the main game already.

Takedown events for manufacturers sounds good.

@lolli42, they don’t have to introduce Tediore or Vladof. They have been in the series since the beginning (Borderlands 1). For example, Nurse Nina in the Pre-Sequel is the sister of Ivan Vladof and is hiding from her brother for unknown reasons.

Some context in the form of mission dialogue would be appreciated, of course, for those who didn’t play the other games in the series.

I just think that an enemy should be introduced slowly. You know. In Maliwan takedown. You are being swarmed by enemies in the first minutes. Enemies that you already know. In buildings that you are used to. When you create a new “faction”, you need designers, writers, actors and you don’t just do all that work to let people rush a raid instance. It’s a waste of resources. You will introduce them slowly. Letting people get to know the character, behavior, strengths and weaknesses of these enemies. I think it would be an insult to their lore, to just reskin some soldiers and call it " Vladof takedown".

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I mean, if someone gets somehow offended by Cold War era politics and historical fact, I don’t know what could be really done about that. They’d probably find problems with the monopolies of the corporations too, and dear Marcus’ mention of capitalism.

It would be interesting to see someone rant on here about how the game encourages political revolution and communism, like it’s some Beatles song (something people claimed with the last Wolfenstein game)

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so on the nose like the sj angle of this game kinda seems like if they can use a game to explore that they should have no problems exploring other believes and ideals not saying it in a negative way just pointing out that they already have explored one ideology seems stupid not to explore others

Tediore made some of the best guns in BL1. It would be cool to have some back story on them (and Vladoff).

we allready killed baron and captain :rofl: (if you didn’t hear him tell people, he’s their brother haha zane “insert middle name here” flint)

but yeah, i want to know what tedior is all about hahaha :smiley: (Dahl keeps comming back everywhere wich is nice) and also, what happend to hyperion?! who the hell is creating new guns?

yea ik but he might have more criminal relatives xD