A downloadable fan galaxy for Space Engine

(Siber) #1

The backgrounds in the Homeworld @ mod are generated in Space Engine, a program that itself allows modding. In one of those backgrounds a planet is visible, a Taiidani planet named Nirgal, a mostly ocean planet with a dramatic moon/ring system. We’ve put together a custom galaxy with a few set star systems in it, to better hit what the mod needs for skyboxes and to have important locations persist through space engine version changes. That’s led me down a rabbit hole to doing custom textures for a planet in one of those systems, not so much because the mod needs it as because it’s an interesting challenge.

Practically speaking there’s an unlimited amount of time I could pour into refining things, as the surface of a planet is a vast canvas, but for now I’ve decided to call it done and move on.

While this galaxy was made for internal use, if you want to it out I’ve made the current version available for download. Be warned, it removes the milky way galaxy.

Named systems present in the addon to date include Higaara, Kharak, Kostenki, and Nirgal. These systems are largely procedural in nature, save for Nirgal, which is the planet with the custom textures.

(Hell_Diguner) #2

May I suggest you reference earth more closely? You almost never see beaches from space, for instance.

(Siber) #3

I’ve been looking at earth pretty extensively throughout this process, but you are right. I’d gotten a bit ahead of myself on the nightlights in this region and the diffuse wasn’t really in a good shape. Perhaps you’ll find the current state more agreeable:

Though the focal point landmass(Sadu) in this picture is what’s received all the attention, it’s neighbors have fallen further behind in completeness.

I’ve been streaming my sessions of working on it over at https://www.twitch.tv/eatthepath, now is one of those times if anyone is interested in tuning in done for now, probably more tomorrow at around 9-10 US central time

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(Taiidan Republic Mod) #5

Loving the moons :crescent_moon:

(Siber) #6

In the intersts of reducing the number of almost done projects looming over my head, I dug back into this one today. There’s an effectively unlimited amount of work I could put into a planet, on account of it being a planet, but I’m more or less at the limit of what I expect to pour into this one at the moment.

The video does a decent job of showing what’s there I think, but I’ll be trying to put this online somewhere as a proper spaceengine addon for general consumption sometime too. I recommend watching the video in youtube proper in full screen to actually see anything, though.

(Siber) #7

I’ve made the current version downloadable as an addon for the current version of space engine, linked in the updated first post.