A Duke Nukem movie? Really?

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So a Duke Nukem movie is happening.

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Not exactly. A cameo by Duke in another movie, which isn’t the same thing.

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Did you watch the video?

He says they’re working on it and they are talking to a studio who is “exactly the right people who should be doing a Duke Nukem film” as well as Duke having a cameo in Ready Player One.

It doesn’t matter who is doing it, all live action video game movies have sucked and this one will too, no one is learning anything.

The only possible way that a Duke movie can be good is if it’s a R rated CG movie cause then they can make Duke look like Duke, act like Duke and sound like Duke.
But a live action Duke movie WILL suck, there is no argument to be made about that because 100% of past video game movies are garbage and the time for a live action Duke movie has long since passed and all ideal actors who could fit the role are too old.

Also a bad video game movie absolutely won’t make things any better for Duke’s rep.

However Duke’s cameo in Ready Player One can work because he’ll show up in the virtual section and won’t need an actual actor, apart from Jon St John if he has a speaking role.

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Segfault: got the cameo muddled up with the movie - apologies. This is what happens when I post before coffee. :coffee: I’m more interested in whether the team behind the Borderlands movie will be able to pull it off; if anyone can, it’s these guys, but it’s by no means a certain thing. As you say, the track record is less than stellar (with a lot of aborted attempts in the process - Hello, Halo movie that wasn’t)

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I’m honestly willing to bet that it’s another case for ‘all talk, no show’. The supposed BL movie is stil just that for as far as I’m aware.

That said, I wouldn’t have much faith in it either. Wether it is BL or Duke.

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I think it’s a cool thing, will be fun to finally see a Duke movie hit theaters. There was a site for a Duke movie in the works back around 2000ish too, so the idea’s always been out there to speculate on.

Could be done poorly, but hopefully it’s done with oldschool action movie badassery and style, with Duke’s character being done right. More like an unexplained Clint Eastwood character meets an 80s wisecracker than a fully explained relatable normal protagonist.

Make a stylish movie with some balls, could be a good time. Good or bad, it’s cool that they’re trying it, and at least Randy is sounding positive about what we’s hearing from whoever they’re talking to.

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Sorry, but even with the absolute best intentions… video game films always seem to find a way to crash and burn.
And at this point I would rather maintain my guarded pessimism then even think about getting the tiniest bit excited, only to be letdown.

Too many times in the past have I seen a publisher/developer say they have the right studio/people to make it right. People who understand it… blah, blah, blah.
We heard with DOOM over and over, and then… the movie completely fell apart. We heard it with Max Payne… and then…

Personally, I would rather energy go towards a new Duke game. I’ve long since stopped caring about ever trying to make any video game into a movie.

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If the movie stays out of the hands of Hollywood, it will be fine.
Hollywood movies are commercials for products and points of view.
Put it in the hands of the original guys who made Duke Nukem with an independent studio, director, producer and actors.

Personally I would really like to see if a gaming company can wrangle the right people.
I’m sure there are plenty of people within a gaming company that know how to make movies.
And I’m certain a company like Gearbox has the funds necessary.

I would leave Hollywood out of it.

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Sorry, but I disagree.
Small scale, Hollywood… independent… I don’t care.

There is not a single video game I want to see made into a film. I love movies, and I love games… but I love them separately. And, I just don’t see what could come from a Duke movie that couldn’t be better in a game. Why show us a story when you could let us play it.

I just don’t get why people want to see various games turned into films.

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I can understand a Duke fans apprehension, I really can.
I do feel however that Duke Nukem probably wouldn’t exist without all the countless films the game/character was influenced by. Seems fitting to make a Duke Nukem movie or two.

I’m proposing doing like the 'ol days.
Make a couple Duke Nukem movies and make games based off the movies, simultaneously.

What’s great about movies as opposed to games is that movies, at the theater of course, are a SOCIAL EXPERIENCE…

Tell me it wouldn’t be bitchin to be in a packed theater watching a Duke Nukem movie…

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It’s not just Duke. It’s any video game.
I love the Dead Space series… but, don’t ever want a Dead Space film.

Out of all the video game movies made over the years, there’s been one that I like. And that was Silent Hill. And even then, I still felt it wasn’t needed as the games told the story perfectly well.

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I hear ya.
Even though I don’t play much, except for maybe the Resident Evil series when they come out and of course STILL enjoy playing Duke, I do still find playing games more enjoyable, and honestly find it difficult to enjoy really ANY movie that has come out in the last 20 years. I feel the influence of comic books and hip-hop on filmmakers has aided to the degradation of action movies today.

ps: I love the line gun in Dead Space. CRASPLATT!!!

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General Graves wants to check all your pulses.

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What if Duke starts off as a bouncer?

And depending on the STORY, Duke Nukem may not even need to be in that great of shape anyhow if he is spending most of his time drinking beer and frequenting strip clubs. Maybe Duke’s a bouncer at the club initially.
Then, Graves is in one night for a beer and entertainment when he witnesses Duke kick ass in a bar brawl where he cleans house.
After that, he’s recruited by Graves to come work for the EDF.
Duke is reluctant at first, saying “No thanks, I’m not the hero type”, but later changes his mind.
Duke is put on HGH and other supplements and begins training with the EDF.
All along Graves and the EDF know what is about to go down but Duke is kept in the dark until the night he has to go into action.

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So… whadda they waitin’ for, Christmas?