A fan forum I made

I made a fan forum of this game cause I love it. Called Jack’s Empire. The PS made me fall in love with Jack which is funny cause I used to hate his guts (mind you I played PS before BL2 though my thoughts are still conflicting with each other).

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This is really cool!!

While it’s under construction you can still join and give me ideas as I need them badly. Just whatever you do, don’t abandon this section of Gearbawx’s forum…

I don’t really know much about web design so I won’t be of much help there. But if you need someone to start a bunch of threads, you can try pinging @FlamesForAll, @ACNAero, and @SpiderTeo. They’re pretty good with lore.

I can’t really imagine myself being too active there until some other people come along, but if some other people tag along I’ll join.

If in the OP you mean you want to make Jack in a positive light, then you’re talking to the wrong person, same with SpiderTeo. If you want to make Jack out in a good light, try @Greasy_Broccoli. If you just want facts, I can do that.

Also, FlamesForAll left the forums months ago to go to accounting college. So yeah, he won’t be here to answer any of this.

It’s just a fan forum of the Pre-Sequel as it’s my favorite Borderlands game and I wish to share my fandom.

Alright. Anything in particular you’d like to know?

About what?

TPS. Do you have any specific lore questions, like backstory, or do you want general info, or what?

Well, I did kinda wonder why Jack wants to clean out all the bandits and all of that.

He’s a self imagined hero. In spite of the psychological damage he sustained from his Grandmother’s abuse, he wants to be remembered as a great person. However, also because of that psychological damage, he thinks the best way to do so is to murder tons of people like they were just statistics, in usual sci-fi corrupt corporation fashion.

If you want me to go in more detail about after that I can, but be warned i may not be able to completely hold back my dislike of Jack…

I do know about his granny being a douche. Is that what caused him to have a mental illness?

Yes. The events of TPS just took him from high-functioning sociopath to complete psycho.

I didn’t think he was all that bad in the PS until at the end THEN he just kinda…uhhhh…got his meriod. I don’t like him all that much in BL2 but I LOVE him in TPS, I will not say how much tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill probably join sometime soon when i get the chance

Aewsome! I have a lot of work to do on my forum… Skins, plugins, etc.

I joined. Made a short introduction thread for now. Since it it’s a jack forums, I’ll probably make a thread for him later.

I didn’t know what to name the forum so my friend came up with it. I stuck with it cuz it sounds like my kind of name as I love Jack (way too much) cause well…do I have to say the obvious? LOL