A fantastic moment

This, this right here is why I love this game and this team. I may sometimes disagree with certain changes that happen (this goes for everything), but this right here put a smile on my face and I have to say its confirmed to me that these people CARE. They care about their work and their game. They not only responded and solved the issue in minutes (in fact it was MY response to their responses that took the most amount of time. What a joy that is to have a company that is speedy and attentive to their customers, and what a role reversal that I was the one who took a long time to respond to THEM!), they also had a fantastic and cheery response. I think it is such a great thing that a company can make references to themselves in this kind of manner. Call me a sucker but it really made my day. So all I wanted to say is thanks Gearbox and 2K, this is awesome.


This is the icing on the cake for an amazing game. I’ve never seen a team so devoted to their players. Thanks for sharing this with us!

I got the same thing. Not cool anymore, knowing it’s just a generalized response :disappointed:

It may be generalized, but it is miles better than an automated message like this.

“We have received your query, and aim to have a response within 48 hours”

A week later still nothing, so I realise it isn’t as special, but still a cool way to respond to your customers.

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Definitely. Small details like this make stuff x1000 times better.

Alicia is a class act :sunny:


Reminds me of some of the tales of amazing WoW GMs I’ve heard of.

I’m not sure how easy it would be to find now, but a number of years back, during the vanilla years, someone posted the transcript of their conversation with a GM who spoke entirely in ebonics (still entirely intelligible though); it was as hilarious as it was ludicrous. I also recall a story of a GM talking to a (horde) player as a highly passionate orc, using all of the various orc-y exclamations throughout the conversation.

I’m kind of curious how much this is encouraged in the CS departments and how much of it is just the CS reps getting bored and attempting to alleviate some of that boredom.

Oh yeah! I was just saying it’s less cool and I don’t feel special anymore lol.

GBX has always been super cool. There were some struggles early on with people getting their season pass stuff and it got cleared up no problem.

BAH! I already completed this 3 times and took screenshots of them but was too lazy to report it xD. Planning on doing it someday when I feel like it…