A Farewell to Battleborn

Today I made the decision to uninstall Battleborn.
It was a hard decision. This is a game I REALLY want to love.
It’s a fascinating idea, built by an awesome team.

But then Randy Pitchford, Gearbox’s CEO, tweeted this: https://twitter.com/DuvalMagic/status/821140723135352832

I wasn’t really sure what to think. I didn’t like it, but then I tend to be more prudent when it comes to sex. So, I looked at how others were reacting.

From what I could tell most people fell into one of two camps:

  1. Mr Pitchford made a comment. End of story.
  • Some people found it ill-timed or poorly thought out
  • Others found it funny
  • This seems to be the opinion most people within the Battleborn community have
  1. Mr Pitchford (and possibly Gearbox) did this with the intention of trying to stir up controversy to promote their game.
  • This was the accusation dealt by pretty much everyone who replied to that Tweet
  • Also, the opinion of every news article I could find on it

I, like most people who want to defend this game, fell into the first category.
But then I noticed a few things:

  • This tweet happened 3 days before the recent Winter Update
  • This tweet happened the same day that subreddit was created

Nothing definitive by any means, but it did get me worried.
This isn’t the first time this has happened.
EA hired fake protesters to protest Dante’s Inferno as part of their marketing strategy.

My honest opinion is that it was probably done with the intent of stirring up some controversy, but as a Hail Mary. Their last ditch effort to get people playing the game in time for their big release.
And, to me at least, that’s still unacceptable.
I expect better from our industry and community.
I would rather have the game die with dignity than be brought back like that.
Battleborn deserves to prove that it is a game worth playing and stand on its own merits.

But, this has basically blown over. No harm, no foul, right?
But, it blew over, this time.

The gaming community has a stigma of being immature, horny boys.
And things like this don’t help that image.
Promoting porn to the audience of your T-rated game doesn’t help.

We got lucky this time. The trolls had their fun. The story hit a few small news sites. And it’s basically blown over.
But that doesn’t excuse what happened, because it might not blow over next time.
Seeing someone who represents a company that I loved perpetuate this stereotype…
This stereotype that so many people are working to tear down…
Is just demoralizing.

I genuinely hope I’m wrong about all this.
I hope I’m overreacting or reading too much into it.

But, at the end of the day, Battleborn is only a game I want to love.
It’s never found a place in my heart like I wanted.
And, even in the best case scenario, this is just the last nail in the coffin.

If any of what I’ve talked about is true, I hope this makes Randy/Gearbox rethink what’s happened.

Otherwise, to the Devs I thank you for all your hard work. There aren’t words to describe how amazed I am at the work you’ve done with this game.
To the other players, I wish you quick queues, good matches and great gear!

Thanks for sticking through my ramblings.

PS: I hope I didn’t break any forum rules. None of this is meant to be hateful or even angry. Just honest.


I’m not much for the NSFW stuff, but I can’t care about this. Its too hard for me to imagine that anyone following Pitchford isn’t already decided about Battleborn- either having played and moved on, or is currently playing.

I just saw it as Randy being a goon… a big loveable goon.


Your reason to stop playing is because of a simple animated porn post the CEO made? There’s a discussion towards such topic on this thread too I can’t beleive you guys are not reading about this. Battleborn related

I’m a mixed of both 1 and 2 from your categories. Maybe it can be hurtful to certain people that reminds them of horrible sexual experiences. I don’t see it as a good reason to stop playing a game you enjoy.

Today an ingame friend also stopped playing after realizing all the unnecessary “balance” changes the devs have made. He was the main person that convinced me to start playing BB again after I quit.

There will be some heat coming your way, but I do sympathize on several points.

For one thing, the whole point of Rule 34 is that of course it’s out there. It seems naive in the extreme to highlight a minor source of it - to use the obvious example, there’s more erotic fan-art of Overwatch than there is clean fan-art of Battleborn - and naivety is unfortunately not a vibe Battleborn needs any more association with right now. It is frustrating to see the discussion go off-message again.

For another, I’m aware of just how misogynistic/degrading/inappropriate such material can be. I’ve been told some of the sexualized art in question was of Shayne, for example. I’m not trying to censor, I’m not trying to shut anyone down, but it weirds me out to see anyone associated with Gearbox providing a link to this stuff.

That all said, I want to stress that the personal tweets of the CEO of Gearbox, who I have no opinion regarding, should not eclipse the large and diverse team of creatives, coders, and human support that works on this game. There is no way that some people inside GBX didn’t facepalm over this as well. I respect you if you want to take a stand on this and quit the game, but as someone who hears where you’re coming from, do consider giving the game and its dev team a chance of their own. They aren’t responsible here.


I love Gearbox, but I’ve never been a big fan of Randy. I find he makes questionable decisions often.


I just looked at this as Randy’s weird little superiority complex rearing it’s head. Overwatch has become somewhat infamous for the porn it’s generated, I think Randy just wants Battleborn to be part of the “Cool Kids Videogame Porn” club.


What frustrated me is that, as outrageous as this conclusion seems, it’s also a reasonable interpretation given all the facts. And if that’s true, it’s ridiculous. And if it’s not true, the impression lingers anyway. :confused:

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Fun Fact: Overwatch is a more common search than anal on Pornhub.


I think this is the only relevant response

I think the idea that his best idea to help the game would be to create porn is a bit uh, out there. Tin foil hat kinda deal. That said, what does it have to do with the game itself? At all

Uh. Woohoo? :tada:


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For good reason

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I did not have fun with that fact!

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It’s sad but true. It’s even more sad that I know that.

I only know that because a friend linked me a youtube video where someone was discussing this controversy and comparing it to Overwatch (because what else do people compare this game to?).

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I compare it to a combination of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair and Smite.

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Ik because it popped up in r/gaming which I was autosubscribed to. And honestly, we should all just move past this. What point is there in discussing it?

I compare it to my sleep-deprivation hallucinations, although I no longer remember which came first.


This is exactly what makes me think of such action from Randy. OW did gain a whole lot of its population through sexual content in its game advertisements. I can’t think of any other purpose for Randy not to do the same, specially when a major update was about to be released. He cares for Battleborn’s success. He wanted to promote and attract more players with its porn picture scandal as an added bonus.

I can’t find the twitter post. I remember about almost a year ago someone posted that Gearbox was planning to promote pornography in BB to compete with OW. He claimed to have obtained such info from an inside source. I’m surprised there’s no mention of such person now with this news.

It really was just Randy Pitchford being Randy Pitchford. He’s been kind of a goober for as long as i’ve followed Gearbox’s games. I fall in to camp three. The ones who are pretty sure this was no marketing gimmick (conspiracies are fun tho amirite) and don’t find it funny, poorly thought out, or anything else either. The most i mustered was kind of an eyeroll

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I don’t know about that. I mean it’s a Blizzard game. If anything it gained a lot of its population on sheer virtue of being a Blizzard game. See : The quality of D3 at launch and how many people were still playing it just because…myself included.

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Good point towards the blizzard game. I thought it was more towards the popularity of WoW.( I was a huge fan of that MMO for 3 years) The sexual content also helped in selling more copies.

It’s still weird to think OW was supposed to be an MMO at one point (Titan)

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