A few bugs i've found in the game

Edit: This was meant for the pc forums. Sorry for the wrong placement. I don’t have permission to delete it, so if anyone with permission comes across this please feel free to.

  • Alt tabbing occasionally causes the game to crash. It doesn’t happen everytime, but it happens often enough.

  • The game often resets my video options to bordered windowed and changes the resolution that i had it saved to. It also resets my voice options back to always on from push to talk.

  • To go along with the above bug, turning voice off has no effect. My friends and I were playing and we could still hear ourselves in game along side our Discord voice chat. We had to swap the options to push to talk so we didn’t hear everyone twice.

  • Skags have a tendency to run into walls or get stuck on fences and stuff. While we players don’t mind an easy kill here or there. I would more than like it if my quests to kill mini bosses didn’t end up with me standing there shooting at a Skag who can’t tell the difference between me and the giant rock in front of him.

  • You forgot to remove claptrap.