A few bugs I've found (mainly Galilea)

From playing a bit of the update there’s a few things I’ve found that looked a little off! I’ll tag @JoeKGBX because I’m not sure who deals with this stuff!

First I’ll put this Meltdown one in, I’m not sure if the patch had any effect but I’ve never seen this before:

The next ones are all to do with Galilea (who is in a great state right now I must say :slight_smile: )

This first one is something that did happen before the patch, but I thought I’d show it:

Next we have some Desecrate pulls that look a bit weak, especially the second one:

Lastly (and this is a pretty bad one), sometimes I couldn’t pick my shield up after throwing it. You can clearly see in the first video that I walk over it, and it appears to have sunk into the ground. When I hold block, it makes everything go invisible. This happened a few times in the game:

That is all I’ve seen for now! Any other bugs you’ve noticed recently?


Passing these on to the team, @Ashbweh.

In the meantime, can you PM me your support ID?



I’ve just finished playing a couple incursion matches and I’ve encountered the same bug that minions walk straight through the enemy minion wave. Also they walked past the first sentry straight to the second.


Yea the gali shield would bounce off targets like they were terrain and the pull really only works if you get in melee range, not the radius of desecrate.

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